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How to signup on TanTan with virtual phone number? | Onlinesim

  • May 12, 2023, 4:09 PM
  • 5 minutes

TanTan is an application designed to meet others online using a simple and intuitive interface. To get acquainted, you must first perform the TanTan dating site sign-up. To register, you must provide the relevant information, among which are the following:

  • Photo. Before performing the TanTan sign-up, you must provide an actual photo that will be displayed to all other system users. Only one profile picture is allowed. You need to choose the one that best reflects your personality.
  • Personal information. First, you need to come up with a TanTan login. After that, you must indicate your age, profession, and hobbies. It is necessary to fully describe yourself in detail so that a potential communication partner can understand what he can count on.
  • Account. Next, you must confirm creating a personal account on the dating site TanTan. To do this, you must enter a personal phone number. After that, you need to enter the confirmation code in the appropriate window on the screen. Only after that can the user access all the main functions of TanTan. Verification does not take long.
  • Friends. In the TanTan app, you can add your friends. To do this, you can connect your account through other social networks. For example, it could be Facebook or Instagram. Use existing accounts to fill and verify your personal TanTan profile.

Registering the TanTan face account takes a little of your time and does not require much effort. You need to provide personal data and pass verification. In doing so, you also need to provide a unique phone number. This can be related to spam issues. That is why, to register on the service, it is best to use the particular Onlinesim platform, with which you can use a virtual number to verify your account.

Using a virtual phone number: what is it and how to get it

You can use a particular virtual number to register on the TanTan dating site. For example, the Onlinesim service allows you to create virtual numbers for a fee. To get a virtual number to create a TanTan account, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a personal profile. You can use your email address and then go to your account for subsequent manipulations.
  2. Select a virtual number. You can choose any virtual number to receive a TanTan code for registration confirmation and other actions.
  3. Get the TanTan code. You need to receive a confirmation code to activate your account and officially perform the corresponding actions. The whole process only takes a little of your time and does not require much effort.

You can use a virtual number to get a TanTan verification code. You can enjoy all the features of the TanTan dating site, communicate with other visitors without giving personal information to third parties, and ensure the confidentiality of personal data.

Signing up for TanTan with a virtual phone number: a step-by-step guide

You must use a virtual number to create a personal login on the TanTan dating site. The registration process itself takes little time. Fill out the form indicating only relevant data. You need to follow the following steps to register on the dating site and TanTan app:

  1. Enter your username and log in TanTan. This information is usually displayed on the main page, so it should be remembered for the first few minutes.
  2. Use an email address. This will help to receive up-to-date information and confirmations of TanTan for verification and veracity of personal data by the individual tasks of each user.
  3. Come up with a unique password. It is essential to develop a TanTan account verification password with a high level of security by the individual tasks of each user. The information should be easy to remember and not cause problems accessing the TanTan profile.
  4. You need to upload photos immediately. An authentic image will help you find new and pleasant acquaintances much faster, find a soul mate and have a good time with other users, fully showing all your advantages and external disadvantages.
  5. Additional information. You can also upload your official location, age, and other data when filling out a personal profile. Indicate your interests to make finding a soul mate much easier and faster on the dating site TanTan.

Please note that when using the TanTan application, you must also confirm your age and read the privacy policy to use the portal for maximum benefit. You have absolutely no restrictions. You can easily register at any convenient time to search for your soulmate on the TanTan website.

Benefits of using a virtual phone number when signing up for TanTan: maintaining the privacy and preventing spam

Using a virtual number for the TanTan dating site login, you can ensure high personal data security. Among the main advantages of using Onlinesim virtual numbers for TanTan registration are the following:

  • a large number of different options for mobile phones that you can choose for specific tasks;
  • different countries for registration – choose the best location to ensure the best communication after TanTan login with Facebook;
  • prompt receipt of messages and alerts in real time – you can always receive a confirmation code for TanTan verification;
  • you can renew your number to always have access to your account on the dating site TanTan.

TanTan is an excellent opportunity to have a good time and meet new people. At the same time, to ensure the confidentiality of personal data, it is best to use a virtual number. With it, you can easily verify your TanTan account with just a few clicks.