Nov 04, 2020

Create Virtual Phone Number. Is it Possible? |

Internet technologies have developed to a point where one can even create a phone number online and no actual telephone is required for this.

Why would anyone want a virtual phone number? Operated both for personal and business aims it is used when a person does not want to share the main personal number.

Conveniences for Business

Among the other advantages, businesses use this service for:

  • Separation. A company can use phone number online for detaching professional and personal calls, messages and proofs.
  • Multiple account creation. This requires getting notifications for mobile number verification for each account. In order not to be banned, companies can use this kind of service.
  • Work with staff. It will be possible to send quick notifications to the members of your team without your actual mobile.
  • Reaching out. Reaching out to your clients will be easy. It will be possible to make a call or write an SMS(for example, to inform about the delivery or receive feedback about the company’s service etc.).

Conveniences for Individuals:

There are also benefits for private usage, for example, international calls and messaging. If a person travels a lot, it is very important to stay in touch with the close ones. Tariffs for international communication are usually quite high and buying a new SIM in every country (not mentioning switching it each time in your smartphone) is not comfortable. Having a virtual phone number to receive sms makes travelling easy.

The good news is that not only virtual calls, but virtual phone SMS are available!

Possibility of a Virtual Number Creation for SMS Receiving

Earlier people dialled SMS mainly for private communication; today Short Message Service is used in a vast field of activities. This service is a great benefit when you have to deal with governmental portals, different Web-sites, banking, authentication etc. It operates like a usual directory number you have on your smartphone. The rooms are saved in the data centre and on special equipment. Providers can supply their clients with numerous phone numbers for sending and receiving notifications.

To send and get them you don’t need your mobile. There are only 2 conditions for using this service:

  1. Access to the Internet.
  2. Sufficient amount of money on your account.

This opportunity does a favour for socially active people who need managing of multiple accounts on the Web. There is no need to spend time on buying and switching SIM-cards, multiple internet numbers are available online! While passing registration, one can receive free SMS codes for authentication for as many directories as needed.

It is a safe way for your business to succeed in the maze of the other ones. The greatest thing about all this is that in case your account gets blocked, it is possible to renew it with the same directory that was used during the registration. All the ones that have been used are saved and can be reused by the owner only. Moreover, the stimulation works swiftly, so you will not need to wait for a long time to renew your activities.

How to Create A Virtual Number That Can Receive SMS?

It takes minimum time and efforts to create virtual phone number on our site and let in an SMS on it. We offer a large range of countries and sites for your activities.

It is necessary to register and replenish your account. That’s it! You are ready to choose a virtual directory, send and get messages!

  1. Log in to your personal account.
  2. Make sure it is replenished.
  3. Choose the virtual mobile phone number, the country and the Web-site you need to work with.
  4. Register on the chosen Web-site.
  5. Enter your virtual phone (it is easily copied from our site in one click)
  6. Select the tab called “Receive SMS” (message will come in several seconds or minutes).
  7. Enter it to your destination site and pass the verification.

Our service is available around-the-clock, so you will be able to use it at any time and from any part of the world. The online sms service can be compared to a VPN in the area of telecommunications.