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Lyka. Get through the registration process | Onlinesim

  • Nov 17, 2022, 5:34 PM
  • 3 minutes

Lyka is a popular social network. It allows users to earn GEM (Lyka card in electronic version) for downloading, sharing, or viewing the content in the Lyka app merchant. It is one of the latest favorite apps.

Lyka is a passive approach to making money using a social media app. Lyka Apps users can interact, learn and share their interests on the free Lyka social network. People can post photos on the platform.

Lyka Social Platform — functions and features

Users can interact with others and share photos on Lyka. Also, important is the digital points system that pays users for using the network. Users who view other posts, share content, subscribe to new posts, and use the app earns Gems. These Gems and Cards can be traded for items in partner stores, shared with friends, and collected to redeem items and cards in the Shop, including Shop gift cards, gadgets, and even hotel rooms.

Even the chat option allows you to chat with your friends.

When you look at the interface, you'll be reminded of other social apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Like most social networks, the Home feature in the app shows you all the updates from the people you follow. You can find Lyka's ads or promotions in the Discover feature. Finally, the profile function will show your own Lyka profile, photos and videos, and your Lyka GEM address (QR code).

Verification of an account with a virtual number

Use the platform to earn some income. A Lyka Login is easy to create, but first, you must register a Lyka account. You must complete the app registration process to do so. Going through the login registration form with your name and phone number would be best. You can provide a virtual phone number if you want to keep your actual number private. It is easy to purchase from a trusted OnlineSim number database provider. Using this number is easy:

  • Go to the OnlineSim website and click Register.
  • Fill in the required fields for registering an account.
  • On the main page, select the country of the operator.
  • Then type Lyka in the search box and click Buy next to the service you want to select.
  • Activate the Lyka store.
  • Just enter your virtual number and then select Continue from Mobile.
  • You must go to the OnlineSim website and click Get Lyka Code next to the purchased number.

To complete the registration, copy the code and enter it into the app.

You were able to successfully register without entering your mobile phone number. The OnlineSim service allows, in addition to virtual numbers, to activate codes in almost all well-known online resources.

OnlineSim — a platform with virtual numbers

OnlineSim is a platform where you can get virtual numbers for any purpose. More than 30 countries of operators are available here, as well as a number base that includes more than 10,000 digits. The database is updated daily, so you can always count on getting a new edition. With OnlineSim verifying your account is not a problem as connecting the number is lightning fast and therefore receiving SMS is fast too.