Jul 12, 2021

Making Use of Services via an Anonymous Approach |

Anonymity is a precious thing nowadays. Internet platforms constantly gather information about their users. This is possible not only through the data you leave on your own free will, but also through your IP address.

This is an Internet protocol that looks like a string of numbers separated with dots with the help of which your location and other data can be tracked.

While ordinary people do not want to share their data, organizations and businesses cannot afford doing it at all. Otherwise they will either get blocked, will become not viable / competitive or reveal significant data to fraudsters. All these scenarios are harmful for businesses. In other words, they will simply not succeed.

Thus, it is necessary to make sure there is protection. Anonymity is the best feature one can obtain to stay protected while surfing the Web online. There are many other benefits besides security you should count on. Let’s explore all those benefits together. All the relevant data can be found in this article.

The Reasons and Advantages of Using Platforms Anonymously

Using Internet platforms incognito is a precious ability. There are many reasons for this. If you have no idea why up till this time, it is high time to set the record straight.

First reason is your digital security.

Many people confuse privacy with anonymity. For example, if you have encrypted a message and no one else besides you and the recipient cannot understand it – this is called privacy. However, this is not anonymity. All the metadata can still be obtained by third parties. Do you think Google only helps you to find everything on the Web? Google knows more about you than you know about Google. Services are able to see:

  • who you are communicating with;
  • what time and date;
  • for how long;
  • the quantity of messages;
  • the attachment size;
  • type of communication etc.

Such data is not encrypted and can be easily obtained by various online services.

Second reason is that while staying incognito you can learn more.

This reason is important for both individuals and businesses online. If the services do not know who you are, you can easily access data that is restricted due to location.

The Incognito Advantages

If you know how to stay incognito to online services, you will get a lot of benefits from this. As stated before your data will be more protected while surfing the Web.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions

If you are undercover, it will be possible to visit websites that are locally online blocked. You will be able to reach data that is not available to everyone.


The price of certain ware on various e-commerce websites will not be adequate if you are not checking it incognito.

Monitoring the Market

This advantage is helpful for marketers who need, for example, surfing Facebook anonymously. Services like the aforementioned one do not like others gathering the data. If such services see any suspicious activities, they simply block the accounts.


If you know how to keep your identity in an invisible cloak, you will be able to conduct testing. It will be possible to see how your product or offer looks online to your clients. The incognito regime will allow you to see if your advertisements are properly displayed in terms of locations and if they are displayed at all.

Managing Social Media Services

Managing multiple accounts on online social media services will be easy and comfortable if you keep your identity undisclosed. Otherwise, social media websites or apps will simply block you.

As seen above, there are multiple reasons for and benefits from preserving your real data anonymous. Now it is high time to learn how you can stay incognito online and be a stranger to Google, Facebook, Instagram and other websites.

Ways and Tools for Anonymous Access

With all that written you are probably already wedging yourself in the organization of anonymous access to online websites and services.

To start with, here are several pieces of advice on how to preserve your invisibility cloak:

  • do not forget to always check the app permissions that you give each time when you install a new mobile proxy app;
  • use advertisement blocker as Facebook and Google track you all the time even if you are not logged it;
  • do not save Google cookies as they allow websites memorize your activities online quickly and easily;
  • use a virtual directory service for registration on the websites;
  • do not choose the “remember me” (log-in and password memorizing) option;
  • block all location information in your usual browser’s set-up;
  • you can also install special privacy-focused extensions or plug-ins.

Let’s go to the next level. Digging into the organization of anonymous access to online services, you will find:

  1. VPN Services;
  2. Alternative Browsers;
  3. Proxy Services.

VPN Service

VPN (or a virtual private network) creates a private network (as its name suggests) from a public Internet connection. It is able to hide your Internet Protocol to make your presence online incognito. Free VPN services exist, but, as everything that is free, they cannot be called reliable. It is better to go with paid VPN accommodations. However, the prices are usually not very cheap.

Alternative Browser

A more guarded browsing experience can be reached while using alternative browsers. Install special privacy-focused browsers to make your identity less visible. However, usually the anonymity level of such browsers is not as high in comparison with the other services.

Anonymous Proxy Service

Proxy services were designed to mask your real IP address. When they meet your request halfway to the destination resource, they hide your real IP and assign you a new address. In such a way the destination resource never knows who you are.

There are free online proxy service options and paid online accommodations. Since free providers cannot afford high-end hardware and software, you cannot trust them. Meanwhile paid providers have certain guarantees of your safety and percentage without ban. Moreover, they have money-back guarantees (meaning if you do not like the service usage within a certain period of time, your money will be refunded).

There are different kinds of such accommodations: data center, forward, mobile, residential, rotating etc.

Mobile Proxies and Anonymity

Pay your attention at mobile proxies as guards of your anonymity online while surfing the websites. Such mobile accommodations are assigned to real hardware. It consists of tablets and smartphones. These devices are connected to the World Wide Web and Google via mobile operators (Google mobile proxy).

When you connect to such an accommodation, your real IP address will be changed to the Internet Protocol of one of the aforementioned devices.

The network of such accommodations consists of 3G and 4G connections. As it was mentioned before, they are assigned to portable gadgets by a mobile operator. Judging from this, such online services should provide authentic products. With the variety of countries to choose from you will be perceived as a resident of one of them by the websites and your real IP will not be detected by Google or other online services.


OnlineSIM has recommended itself along with such mastodons in the sphere in consideration as Luminati, Oxylabs, Smartproxies and others. However, the prices of this provider are significantly lower. You can decide either you want to pay for gigabytes or to use unlimited traffic for websites. The pleasant thing is that you can also try OnlineSIM’s product for free to make sure you like everything about this online service.

Mobile proxies here are fast and reliable. The provider states 99.5% without ban. Your anonymity will be on a high level. With OnlineSIM’s product you will be able to surf the World Wide Web seamlessly and:

  • unblock regionally blocked websites (unblock website without proxy is much harder);
  • gather significant data;
  • work with online advertising networks;
  • monitor the market;
  • compare prices;
  • protect your brand;
  • masslike;
  • massfollow;
  • masspost;
  • masscomment;
  • conduct market research;
  • analyse the market;
  • conduct all the necessary SEO activities etc.

All the websites will be open for you. They will not find all these activities suspicious as they usually do. And the best news is that you will not get banned. The anonymous approach brings multiple benefits.

With OnlineSIM’s mobile product you can target not only one of the 150 countries from the list, but even up to the city. There are over 60 million IP addresses in the company’s pool.

The company’s website is simple and intuitive. Due to its user-friendliness you will find all the necessary information about their product. In case any issues arise, you can always turn to an attentive client support service. A pleasant bonus is that it is available around the clock while other services offer client support in the business hours only.

Try OnlineSIM’s mobile proxies for making use of different online services thanks to their anonymous approach. You will not be disappointed!