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Monetize your SIM cards with our service |

  • Jul 8, 2020, 9:57 AM
  • 3 minutes

All owners of SIM cards and specialized stuff for telephony can earn money by cooperating with us. Onlinesim offers automated and stable earnings. The essence of cooperation is simple. You provide your hardware and SIM cards for our service. We attract customers who want to use SIM numbers to register on various websites. We charge a fee for our services, and most of the earnings remain with you. Now let's look at the options to earn on an online SIM service.

Connection options

There are two options available to connect to our SIM service:

  • By API;
  • With our SimSale-Gateway soft.

The first option implies the availability implies the use of specialized hardware and software. It can also be divided into two categories:

You are responsible for controlling the hardware, and your soft sends SMS messages to us. We process the data and sell your SIM cards for use when registering on sites;

Your API independently sends all messages on your site that come to the specified SIM cards. Next, you should redirect messages to us, depending on the client (our API is or

The second option involves the use of our soft. It is the most comfortable option for you. For cooperation, you need to purchase stuff and SIM cards. The following is the installation of our software. We will help to customize all aspects of virtual phone numbers.

Automated soft will automatically redirect all messages to our website. An internet phone app is easy to use. You only need to replace SIM cards periodically.

How to start monetization?

So, you have decided to earn. To do this, you need to buy hardware and SIM numbers. Further, all future partners should contact us. We respond to Telegram quickly. Our managers will advise you on connection issues. It will help you to receive SMS Russia or any other country.

We also activate your profile on the site to redirect messages and start earning. Set up & tune the API yourself or get help from our experts. Thus, you can become a full partner and earn money on SIM cards. Here are the main advantages of working with us:

  • The freedom of action. You change the American number or any other cards at your convenience;
  • Quick earnings. Become our partner a few hours after contacting technical support;
  • Customer support. Use Telegram, Anydesk, or TeamViewer to solve problems quickly.

How much can I earn?

Your earnings depend on the country and type of SIM cards. In general, you can receive up to 75% of each sale of a room. The average check, in this case, is about 3 US dollars. It depends on the country and SIM. Withdrawals are possible using bank cards, electronic payment systems, and cryptocurrencies. "So, can I have the number to?": you may ask. The answer is yes. Join us and us as many SIM cards as you have.

How do I choose a SIM card for my hardware?

The selection process is straightforward. Any cards will do, regardless of operator or balance. The most important criterion is the ability to receive SMS on your SIM cards. You cannot connect cards that have already been involved in registration on sites from our list. Any SIM from the USA, Russia, and any other country on the list is suitable for earning. The UK phone numbers are also supported.

What type of hardware should I choose?

You have two options: GoIP-stuff or GSM-gateways. The first option does not require the selection of specific hardware since all companies produce their products according to common standards. You can write to us. We will tell you how to set US phone numbers or any other options to earn cash.

The second option is GSM-gateways. We recommend using hardware with the M35, M26, MC35I, and MC55 modules. They are guaranteed to work with our system.