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Mymusictaste. Virtual number for account verification\registration | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 4:19 PM
  • 2 minutes

Virtual number for account verification\registration

This unique service allows fans to organize a concert for their favorite band. Fans can independently manage companies to attract their favorite artists. Here you can get creative to create a company to increase shows.

Mymusictaste tiene inversores. Tres empresas financian la aplicación. El importe total de la financiación es de unos 20 millones de dólares.

Mymusictaste website was introduced in 2013. The idea for the site is Jazek Lee's. He wanted to improve the search for concert venues. Crowdsourcing from music fans was used for the examination. Later the platform underwent an upgrade. Its developer set the goal of organizing concerts optimally. This makes it possible to minimize the risk of overpriced ticket sales for the organizers. According to the results of fan activity, it is possible to understand where it is better to hold the event and for how many people.

Mymusictaste service. Services, functions, and features of the exchange

The MyMusicTaste platform works all over the world. Thanks to the program's work, the organizers held concerts in more than 32 cities. The application developers continue to add new features and increase the number of concerts.

How the service works:

  • Fans follow their favorite music group.
  • Users send requests to create a concert.
  • Application moderators process the requests and forward the data to the concert bands.

Mymusictaste shop does not advertise already organized concerts. Users decide which city the show will be held in. Of course, if the number of applications is much higher, the event will be organized by the organizers. On the my music taste platform, tickets are available after the concert has been organized. Fans will be able to come and listen to their favorite band.

Verification of account, use of the virtual number

You must go through the verification procedure to participate on the platform. On the Mymusictaste site, the user is presented with a window where they can register. On mymusictaste login is entered on the login page. Next, the user will be prompted to select a country and join his phone number.

Not only can fans participate in the concert organization in the chosen country, but they can also set the ticket price. After registration, the option to set the price opens. The minimum figure is $10. It is not necessary to develop at a very high price. If the concert takes place, the user must redeem the ticket for his favorite band.