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Nimses app. Get access to it with a virtual number | Onlinesim

  • Nov 17, 2022, 10:50 AM
  • 5 minutes

People spend a lot of time on social networks. Viewing profiles, photos and videos, comments, and likes take almost all the time spent on the Internet. What if it's monetized? Think it's unrealistic? Then check out Nimses. It is a social network in which, for every minute, you will receive virtual coins. They can then be exchanged for various goods and services.

Nimses app. Features of use

Nimses online is a social network that shows the value of life. For each action, you receive an internal currency, nims. Also, in the application, you can see users who are nearby. Cities are divided into districts based on geolocation. Thus, you can find a company for a walk or chat with someone who lives next door.

Nimses app shows:

  • photos of people nearby;
  • their status;
  • last messages;
  • photo.

Thanks to this, you can easily find a partner for a pleasant evening or a hobby. You can like posts and photos of other users and exchange messages. You can also subscribe to other users or entire regions. Thus, you will always be aware of all the events of city life.

After subscribing to a specific region, Nimses will debit coins from your account to the temple wallet. It's kind of like paying for a subscription. Thanks to it, you will be the first to know all the news of the region, you will be able to take part in all events, and you will see new users of the area you have chosen.

Nimses social network gives coins for every action. For example, for posting a photo, you will receive from 50 to 100 nims. The cost depends on where you upload the image. A freshly taken photo costs 50 coins; for a processed photo from the gallery, you will get more nims.

Keep in mind that the posts you create are not visible to all social network users. People will see the text and photo at 2 kilometers from you. To increase the radius, you will need to pay extra nims. Or you can make posts in different parts of the city.

Nimses can be used both on the phone and on the computer. The program is straightforward and allows you to have a good time. And you can exchange earned coins for valuable things.

You can buy various goods, music, or specific actions with them. The program has many shops with multiple products: clothing, accessories, books, etc. By accumulating coins, you can purchase the necessary thing for free. You can also use Nimses promo code. It makes it possible to spend less virtual currency on shopping. Just indicate it during checkout or in correspondence with the seller.

Nimses is an excellent solution for both ordinary users and various stores. With it, you can tell all the people in the city about your products.

Nims is often used to pay in cafes. It is a great option to invite a nearby user to a meeting. This way, you can drink a cup of delicious coffee and make new friends.

The registration process, service functions

Signing up for Nimses is quite simple. On the start page, there is immediately a questionnaire for personal data. It would help if you also came up with:

  • nick;
  • password.

Be sure to enter your phone number and verify it. The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes. Be sure to permit the use of geolocation.

After that, you can add photos and view users who use Nimses in your area. To get access to all the functions and services of the application, you need to pass Nimses human verification. For confirmation, you need several users to verify you. There is a special button that they have to press.

Both already-confirmed people and new profiles can verify. You can invite friends to get verified faster. In addition, Nimses counts coins for invited users.

After verification, you can give nims to other users, get access to all the people in the program, and see what regions there are in other cities and countries.

Verified users who actively maintain a page in Nimses can take top positions. Thus, you can get more coins, and the social network will become more profitable.

Features of registration using a virtual mobile number Onlinesim

To perform Nimses sign-in, you can not use a personal number. Onlinesim provider offers virtual sim cards for registration at all sites. The main advantages of this solution are:

  • safety;
  • availability;
  • efficiency;
  • no risk.

To get a virtual number, you do not need to sign a contract with the operator and leave personal data. Thus, you do not have to worry that information about you will fall into third hands.

You can get a virtual card at any time of the day. To do this, you need to go to the operator's website to specify the program for which you need a virtual number. Then you need to select the number and pay for it directly. After that, you can use the card.

It is worth noting that a virtual SIM card allows you to install several numbers on one phone at once. It is pretty convenient because there are not always enough built-in slots. In addition, you can not be afraid to lose or break the card. It will always be on your mobile phone.

After purchasing a virtual number, you can start registering with Nimses. To do this, you must enter your personal information and indicate Nimses phone number. The program will send a code to confirm registration. The numbers must be entered in a particular field. After that, you can immerse yourself in the virtual world, get to know users, upload photos, and earn nims.

Onlinesim works all over the world. You can verify your Nimses account in any country. It is very convenient because you can easily find people nearby and gather company to have fun.