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OpenSooq app. Verification process with OnlineSim | Onlinesim

  • Nov 16, 2022, 10:24 AM
  • 3 minutes

The online classifieds platform OpenSooq is a popular resource among users in the Middle East and Africa. OpenSooq is headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and the investment in the project is about $24 million.

On OpenSooq, every user can quickly deal in real estate, cars, products, and services with delivery. OpenSooq allows sellers to distribute their goods with services to millions of users online without intermediaries. Buyers browse and choose among a wide range of products and services. The most popular products on OpenSooq are cars, real estate, and electronics.

Let's find out how to properly register with OpenSooq delivery using a virtual phone number from OnlineSim.

OpenSooq mobile application. Unique features and a list of options

OpenSooq is considered a new and improved solution for shopping in the MENA region. Here, shoppers decide for themselves what they buy. For merchants on OpenSooq, there is a flexible space to digitize business operations, which improves overall customer service with increased follow-up sales. Working on OpenSooq Iraq starts with registering, creating your virtual store, and using various advertising services.

OpenSooq has an adaptive web design that makes the site comfortable for both computers and mobile devices. The OpenSooq app boasts a great user experience, user-friendly features, and productivity.

How to register with OpenSooq?

You must use a phone number to register with OpenSooq stack. We recommend using a virtual phone number for registration, which performs the same functions as a standard number. The best solution is to buy a virtual number from OnlineSim.

The registration process at OpenSooq login:

  • Provide personal information about yourself.
  • Enter the phone number in the selected field.
  • A message will be sent to the specified user number with a code, which must be entered in OpenSooq sign up. This process is called the OpenSooq verification number.
  • Enter the code you received in the appropriate field.

Passing verification using a virtual number

To choose a virtual number, you need to contact OnlineSim. This resource allows you to register with a private social network without providing your phone number to the online company. The phone number rental option allows OpenSooq to receive text messages unlimitedly.

You can choose a phone number from literally any cell phone carrier:

  1. Go to the OnlineSim website.
  2. Select "Free Phone Numbers" or "Paid Phone Numbers."
  3. Select the desired country and phone number from the list and specify the OpenSooq app.
  4. The site will then give the user a phone from that country, receiving an SMS with a verification code. Received phone number to receive an OpenSooq verification code by SMS - enter it into the registration field.

OnlineSim virtual number provider provides customers with more than 10,000 phone numbers online. The service has a wide range of locations, so phone numbers are available in more than 30 countries. Verification codes are sure to arrive on OnlineSim virtual numbers from any country. The procedure is fast, and the connection itself is always stable.