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Plivo. Verification process throughout a virtual number | Onlinesim

  • Nov 17, 2022, 11:02 AM
  • 4 minutes

The Plivo communication cloud platform is a simple, fast, and scalable way for companies to modernize their business communication profile. The Plivo API platform allows brands to integrate voice and text messages (Plivo receive SMS and MMS) into a user's application. Additionally, SIP trunking services exist on Plivo.

Let's find out how to register on the platform correctly and why a virtual phone number is the best solution.

Features and functions of the Plivo platform

Plivo pricing provides simple, fast, and scalable ways to update your customer communications system.

Plivo's enterprise-level communications platform consists of a premium carrier network with access to over 190 countries, an API platform for messaging and voice calls, the PHLO visual builder, and methods for sales and support teams.

The Plivo team has deep experience in communications and uses state-of-the-art software to meet the needs of modern businesses.

Benefits of Plivo

  • The HTTP API in Plivo allows companies and developers to embed voice and SMS communication in any application using any standard web language.
  • The voice API allows the creation of phone calls to every country with the ability to purchase local numbers, supporting SIP and SDK.
  • The SMS API allows you to send SMS to every country, supporting two-way SMS in 19 countries.
  • Phone numbers by two-way SMS are better suited for marketing purposes, where you need to interact and engage customers by exchanging P2P messages, anonymizing numbers, and making contacts recognizable through a dedicated and recognizable number.
  • Plivo gives out a short code to make text messaging easier in large volumes.

The Plivo API is easy to use, integrate, and understand. Setting up Plivo SMS is also easy, and the existing templates are ideal for implementing voice call functionality.

Registration and verification of Plivo account using a virtual number

The Plivo site is user-friendly and intuitive, so you are unlikely to have problems registering and authenticating. If you want to increase the security of your data, it would be a good idea to use a virtual Plivo phone number to verify your account.

The process of registering with Plivo integrations is simple, but you should be aware of some nuances:

  1. Go to the Plivo website and make a Plivo login.
  2. Choose one of the options for logging into Plivo, such as logging in through a cell phone number.
  3. Enter your work phone number.
  4. Enter the authentication code that came to you in your cell phone number.
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions and click the "Agree" button.
  6. It is done. You will now be prompted to fill out your account information.

After creating your Plivo account, you have to verify it. OnlineSim service will help you here.

Virtual numbers for Plivo profile verification

Virtual directory carriers help you go through the verification process without providing a real phone number. Virtual SIMs work like regular SIMs but over the Internet. You can choose a location and sometimes even a carrier. A reputable paid virtual SIM provider offers free trials, so you can check its quality without paying for it. A decent company will have lots of numbers at your disposal and an impressive location list. It will provide a high-security level for your data. A reliable service will have different payment plans to meet your needs best. Also, it will work around the clock if you want to send any questions.

Pay attention to OnlineSim service. The company offers free trials and works 24 hours daily, helping every customer verify any site. OnlineSim provides customers with a high level of protection and more than 10,000 directories worldwide. You can choose from more than 30 locations worldwide. Platforms and applications treat OnlineSim virtual directories as regular mobile numbers. Authentication messages are delivered very quickly from all popular platforms and applications, including Plivo. OnlineSim offers a variety of payment plans to meet everyone's needs.

Register on the company's website, top up and buy a virtual SIM or multiple SIMs, depending on your needs. You can choose which country your virtual directory will be from. Then, when you sign up for a Plivo account, you will be asked for your phone number. Provide the number you purchased. After that, the authentication message will come directly to the virtual SIM account in your account. You must copy the unique code and paste it into the appropriate field in Plivo.

As you can see, this process is simple and does not take much more time than registering with a real phone book. However, you get a higher degree of protection for your personal data.