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PUBG service. Virtual number usage via Onlinesim | Onlinesim

  • Dec 9, 2022, 11:23 AM
  • 3 minutes

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) officially appeared on all known gaming platforms on December 21, 2017. About 3 million people played PUBG in the first 24 hours. Players sign up on the PUBG mobile game service to receive specific bonuses for playing online, sharing in the community, etc. Let's find out how to PUBG sign up and why using a virtual phone number is better.

Features of the service game PUBG

PUBG is a game in the genre of battle royale. One match involves up to 100 players. Users are dropped off on a massive island with settlements and individual groups of houses scattered across it. No one has a weapon, so pistols, machine guns, ammunition, armor, first-aid kits, and so on must be sought in the open locations. Any item is scattered randomly around the premises.

The goal of the game is to defeat each opponent. A large circle appears in the game a few minutes after the start to prevent players from hiding in different corners of the map. Everyone outside the process takes health damage; over time, the circle narrows, and the damage to those outside the circle increases.

PUBG Registration & Verification

First, install PUBG from the store to which your game system is tied. Once you've downloaded the game, enable every resolution it needs, and download any additional files that PUBG asks for. You can now create a PUBG account:

  1. The user can become a service member or login as a guest.
  2. Facebook or Twitter accounts can be used to PUBG login.
  3. Select your platform, and enter your account details (email address, phone number, and password of the platform you play on).
  4. Select a package to download.
  5. Customize your avatar and settings.
  6. It is done!

Using a virtual number to confirm your PUBG profile

Users' personal privacy is a critical component of any online activity. The user should keep personal information private so that it does not become public, especially to scammers. The OnlineSim international platform is a verified site that helps users get virtual numbers to obtain verification codes without using real phone numbers.

For verification on the PUBG app or site, it is recommended to use OnlineSim. Having received a message to the virtual number with a verification code, the user is quickly registered on the selected service without revealing his actual number!

Follow these instructions to verify PUBG:

  1. Go to the OnlineSim website.
  2. Select Free Phone Numbers or Paid Phone Numbers.
  3. Choose from the list of PUBG game services.
  4. Buy a virtual phone number from the OnlineSim directory.
  5. The site will then provide the user with the phone number by receiving a verification code via SMS.

Online SMS service OnlineSim provides virtual directories to which you can refer for further action. The site has a database of over 10,000 virtual phone numbers from more than 30 countries. The service is easy to use, and all information on the site is intuitive.