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May 13 14:55:57, 2021

Register and Use Bolt Without Privacy Risks | Onlinesim.io

Nowadays, people's daily life is increasingly associated with the use of online platforms such as Bolt service. Through the Internet, we order food with delivery, buy goods, rent a car. The same applies to calling a taxi, for which the ability to receive virtual SMS is considered the main way to prevent the getting of contact information by ill-wishers. But this is not the only risk associated with an online taxi service. People who have already activated Bolt have been convinced of this for a long time. Most of them do not want to constantly receive advertising messages and answer unsubstantiated calls from sales managers. Plus if you disclose your billing phone number, this is the risk of losing access to your bank account.

Don't want to read? Here is a video for you:

Bolt Service – Specifics of Opening an Account and Ordering Services

We do a lot with our phones: surf the Internet, buy new clothes, check credit card statements, take personal photos. The same goes for calling a taxi. People who want to order a car will often choose the Bolt service. This is a platform for quickly finding and evaluating the quality of taxi services. Well-known project differs in the following:

  1. Transparency. You can see the price of each taxi driver and find out the cost instantly. This is an important feature for Bolt service owners and users.
  2. Mandatory quality assessment. This is a way to bring transportation to a significantly new level. You can either praise any Bolt taxi driver or write a complaint about the lacking punctuality or unprofessionalism.
  3. Personal confidentiality and spam blocking. This service uses SMS account verification and other tools. This means that the likelihood of sending spam is kept to a minimum. Bolt service owners are always concerned about the comfort of each client.

Hijacking your phone can be a huge privacy intrusion and incredibly costly if you want to retrieve your number. Therefore, for those who want to receive SMS online service is the best option. Using special platforms, people not only ensure themselves with privacy, but can also create multiple accounts. This also applies to the Bolt service application.

Registration on the Bolt Service Using a Virtual Number

Each of us can buy a phone number online and speed up the verification process for Bolt app. You don't have to come from home to activate a SIM card. Plus, with virtual numbers, people can choose from an extensive list of countries. Recharge your currency with rubles, dollars or cryptocurrency. Such flexibility will be very beneficial for people who create multiple pages every day. This is not only about Bolt taxi drivers, but also about marktelogs, journalists and other specialists.

Bolt Free SMS Verification: Step by Step

If you decide to use get virtual number, the procedure will not be difficult. But you must understand that you will have to buy this number. To get activated a Bolt app you should follow the algorithm:

  1. Visite the site providing the virtual Bolt number service and complete a simple registration. This is a mandatory procedure that does not require verification or sending personal data. Opening an account is needed in order to receive one-time codes, view statistics.
  2. Recharge your account in the "Payments" tab. People can use demo mode, but in this case a limited functionality will be provided. This option is not suitable for registrations of multiple pages. Therefore, you'd better buy the number of virtual numbers right away.
  3. Download the Bolt app from Google Play. When registering, enter your Bolt number. We're talking about the virtual one you decide to buy. Bolt will then send you a confirmation code.
  4. To get a one-time verification code, go back to the tab of the personal account of the site that provides the virtual number service. Copy the code and paste it into the Bolt activation field.
  5. Congratulations, the process is complete! You should pay attention that the number that you have decided to buy can also be used for verification on other web resources.

Get a Virtual Number and Keep Your Privacy!

It's easy to buy a cell phone number online. Such services are used by thousands of people around the world. If you have chosen the right provider, it will be safe and fast. If something is not clear, anyone can always contact the support chat and get a quick response. This also applies to people who need Bolt numbers to complete verification.