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Register Feeld with a virtual number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 1:57 PM
  • 4 minutes

Quick registration on Feeld using a virtual number

Discover Feeld, a dating app based on the idea that nothing is less predictable or less binary than human desire. What started as a space for threesomes has become a safe space for you to find what you're looking for, no matter how you present yourself. So how exactly does this work? The portal allows you to make new acquaintances and diversify your personal life. To register online, you need to enter a contact phone number. You can sign in using a virtual SIM card.

Dating Feeld. Features, functions

Whether you identify as he, she, X, or soul or are still working on your terminology, Feeld will help all people find what their heart desires by offering over 20 gender identities, 20 sexualities, and shared profiles. The company also states its commitment to adding new gender identities quickly and welcomes registrations for others.

The features of the platform are:

  • It is a safe space. The company's mission is to normalize conversations about sexuality. It means that people can be as open or arbitrary as they want. The field is designed for people who know what they want.
  • The company has an active community monitoring effort, and safety regulations are outside the scope of the standard agreement. Users make their own decisions. If the interlocutor's actions are not pleasant, you can always refuse.
  • Feeld is not trying to discriminate against anyone, even those looking for something more traditional. It is a platform where everyone can find their interlocutor and make their desires come true with him.

The application is designed for people who want to meet in their region. Since this site is focused on personalized referrals, you will only be able to chat with the suggested members. Feeld provides the ability to block selected members from contacting you. It can be advantageous if you get too many messages from people you're not interested in.

Account verification. Using a virtual number

Unlike other projects, there are no bots in Feeld. All users of the application link their Facebook page when registering. It is checked for "reality" factors and only then allowed to the functions of the dating services. The feeld dating profile contains information about the user. After logging in, the user can edit their information.

Main features:

  • Invisibility mode for Facebook friends;
  • Ability to merge profiles for people who are already in a relationship and want to try something new. It allows you to view accounts together;
  • The function of creating group chats with people you know;
  • Sophisticated settings of interests and desires to find the most suitable options;
  • Go steady — allows you to hide your account from search, so you don't get caught by other people. It will enable you to focus on the halves you've already found.

A temporary number for receiving SMS is a panacea for quick registration in networks or dating sites. It is a generated number in the usual format of one of the telephone operators, which is indicated at registration as your personal and to which the verification message came. That's how the number for SMS confirmation works for free.

To use such a service, you need to find a service that allows you to use temporary numbers and provides access. You get a phone number in an accessible format, copy it into the appropriate field when registering on any Internet site, and receive a reply message with a verification code. Specific ways of interaction with virtual number services have peculiarities in each case, depending on the chosen service.

A virtual phone number for free texting can be linked to your cell phone and forward incoming text messages there. Or such a connection will be established between the temporary number and your email account. In addition, many virtual number services allow you to receive SMS directly on the site's personal account.

Provider OnlineSim. Virtual numbers, purchase, and use. Instructions

OnlineSim is a versatile platform for registering on platforms or social networks. With the help of this resource, it is possible to pass a feeld verified profile anonymously. More than thirty countries with numbers are available on the service. You need to buy a SIM card number to log in to a social network or platform. The data is provided on the servis. It is enough to copy the number and use it to log in to your account during registration.

On the portal's main page, you can choose the platform on which to register.

Installation feeld dating app requires confirmation of the phone number. On the service, you need to select the tariff. After payment, the user will be given a number for registration. Numbers purchased on OnlineSim can be used for feeld sign-up. Virtual numbers enable safe and fast registration on various portals.