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Registration in KuCoin by virtual phone number | Onlinesim

  • May 12, 2023, 4:05 PM
  • 7 minutes

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2017 and based in Seychelles. The platform allows users to trade and exchange various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others. KuCoin has gained popularity among cryptocurrency traders due to its intuitive interface, low trading fees, and a wide range of listed cryptocurrencies.

Let's understand how KuCoin works, how to sign up for it in the best way, and the benefits of using it.

KuCoin benefits

KuCoin is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers a wide range of trading features and services, making it a suitable platform for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

KuCoin provides various trading features, such as market orders, limit orders, and stop-limit orders, enabling users to trade cryptocurrencies quickly and efficiently. The platform also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS, providing users with access to their accounts and trading features on-the-go.

In addition to trading, KuCoin also offers a staking service, allowing users to earn rewards by holding certain cryptocurrencies on the platform. The platform also provides users with a referral program, allowing them to earn rewards by inviting friends to join the platform (KuCoin invite code).

Here are the key benefits of using KuCoin:

  1. Low Fees. KuCoin charges very low fees for trading, depositing, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies. The trading fees are among the lowest in the industry.
  2. Large Selection of Cryptocurrencies. KuCoin supports over 200 cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most diverse exchanges in the market.
  3. High Security Standards. KuCoin employs industry-leading security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and encryption to ensure the safety of its users' funds.
  4. Fast Transactions. Transactions on KuCoin are executed quickly and efficiently, ensuring that users can move their cryptocurrencies around easily.
  5. User-Friendly Interface. KuCoin's user interface is easy to navigate and understand, even for beginners. The platform also offers a mobile app for trading on-the-go.
  6. Bonuses and Rewards. KuCoin offers a variety of bonuses and rewards to its users, including KuCoin referral bonus, trading fee discounts, and KuCoin promo code.
  7. Customer Support. KuCoin offers 24/7 customer support through a variety of channels, including live chat, email, and social media.

KuCoin bonuses and promo

KuCoin offers a variety of bonuses and promotions to its users. Here are some of the key bonuses and promotions available on KuCoin:

  • Referral Bonus. KuCoin offers a referral bonus program that allows users to earn up to 20% of their referral's trading fees. The referral bonus is paid in the form of KuCoin Shares (KCS), the platform's native token, like KuCoin signup bonus.
  • Trading Fee Discounts. KuCoin offers trading fee discounts to users who hold KCS in their accounts. The more KCS a user holds, the higher the trading fee discount they receive.
  • Airdrops. KuCoin occasionally offers airdrops of new or popular cryptocurrencies to its users. These airdrops are usually based on a user's trading volume or KCS holdings.
  • Trading Competitions. KuCoin regularly hosts trading competitions with prizes such as cryptocurrencies, KCS, and other rewards.
  • Staking Rewards. KuCoin allows users to stake certain cryptocurrencies and earn rewards in the form of interest or additional tokens.
  • Special Promotions. KuCoin occasionally offers special promotions, such as discounted trading fees, for a limited time.
  • KuCoin Play. KuCoin Play is a platform that offers users the opportunity to earn rewards by participating in various cryptocurrency-related activities, such as quizzes and games.

KuCoin registration options

KuCoin registration is a fast and simple process. You can register with an email address or using one of the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook or Google+.

The following are the options for registering on KuCoin:

  • Email Registration. Simply enter your email address and password to create an account.
  • Facebook Registration. Connect with your Facebook account to register with KuCoin. This allows you to quickly sign in without having to remember a separate username and password.
  • Google+ Registration. Sign in with your Google+ profile, which will link your accounts together for faster access to both platforms, and make log in KuCoin.
  • Mobile Phone Number Verification. Use your mobile phone number as an extra layer of security when signing into KuCoin by verifying your identity via SMS or call-in code. Here you can use a virtual number from the OnlineSim service.
  • Security Center Verification. Add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your account for extra security. This will help protect your KuCoin account from unauthorized access and other malicious activities with KuCoin verification process.
  • KYC Verification. The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is an additional layer of security for users who want to be able to withdraw large amounts of digital currencies from their KuCoin accounts. It requires you to submit a valid form of identification, such as a driver's license or passport, in order to verify your identity.
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML). You may also need to provide proof of residence and/or source of wealth when verifying your account with AML regulations. This helps ensure that funds aren't being used for illegal activities on the platform.

KuCoin sign up. Step-by-step

How to sign up for KuCoin? Here are the step-by-step instructions for signing up for a KuCoin account:

  1. Go to the KuCoin website or KuCoin app.
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" button.
  3. Enter your email address and create a strong password. KuCoin requires passwords to be at least 8 characters long, with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.
  4. Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by checking the boxes.
  5. Solve the captcha and click the "Sign Up" button.
  6. KuCoin will send a verification email to the email address you provided. Go to your email inbox and click on the KuCoin verification link to confirm your account.
  7. After verifying your email, you will be prompted to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. You can choose to use either Google Authenticator or phone number authentication.
  8. Once 2FA is set up, you can log in to your KuCoin account and start trading cryptocurrencies.

We should talk about a somewhat critical point. When registering, KuCoin asks for a phone number. You can use the OnlineSim service to bypass this point and specify a virtual phone number, which performs the same functions as the standard number. The privilege of using a virtual number from OnlineSim is the complete security of the user so as not to declassify your personal information.

How to buy virtual numbers at OnlineSim

OnlineSim offers a simple and convenient way to purchase virtual numbers. It is a leading provider of virtual numbers, with an extensive range of local and international numbers available to choose from.

To purchase a virtual number, the customer must enter their payment information on the OnlineSim website. After that, they can use the search function to find the number they are looking for. They will be able to select the required country code, operator type and area code as well as other features such as voicemail or call forwarding options if needed. Once selected, customers can then add their chosen number to their shopping cart and proceed with checkout.

After completing the payment process, customers will receive their new virtual number instantly in their email inbox and can start using it right away. OnlineSim also provides customer support to help with any questions or queries that may arise during the process.

OnlineSim virtual phone number to verify your KuCoin account

OnlineSim is a service that provides a directory of virtual mobile numbers for SMS KuCoin identity verification. With hundreds of virtual phone numbers available for personal or business use, OnlineSim allows you to buy a virtual phone book to protect your privacy and prevent tracking.

Sharing your personal phone number with any online platform can be risky, as events involving personal information can lead to data leaks. To avoid such risks, using a virtual phone number for the KuCoin app is advised. You can obtain a unique number without the need for a physical SIM card by using OnlineSim.

If you're conducting business with the KuCoin app, it's essential to be cautious about your privacy. Never let third parties access your transactional, banking, or other data, as both the industry and you could be affected. OnlineSim takes privacy seriously and does not share your data with anyone else, providing a highly reliable and reputable service.

One of the benefits of OnlineSim is its two tariff options. The first option enables you to receive SMS from a single site for 40 minutes, while the second allows you to rent an account number to receive messages from any site. With over 10,000 online numbers and more than 30 locations worldwide, OnlineSim directories are highly reliable and ensure efficient service.

The best part about OnlineSim is that you can try its free virtual number:

  1. To use OnlineSim, you need to register for an account,
  2. Top up your balance,
  3. Search for KuCoin on the homepage,
  4. Select a virtual number, and enter the unique KuCoin phone number login when registering,
  5. Once you've completed this, an SMS verification of KuCoin will be sent to the virtual number in your OnlineSim personal cabinet.

With OnlineSim, you can protect your privacy and prevent the risks of data leaks. Follow the simple steps and start using OnlineSim for your SMS verification needs.