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Registration in TVNZ+. Virtual number usage | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 5:42 PM
  • 3 minutes

Registration in TVNZ+. Virtual number usage

TVNZ+ is a streaming service that offers an ever-expanding library of TV shows, movies, and documentaries from the past and present. It also includes live news, sports, and other special events.

Consider registering a user with TVNZ+ and a virtual phone number as an option for TVNZ sign up.

Features of TVNZ+ service

The main feature of TVNZ+ is its on-demand content. With just one subscription, you can access thousands of hours of programming from the comfort of your own home or device. You can watch anytime without worrying about missing a show or movie due to scheduling conflicts.

In addition to providing on-demand content, TVNZ+ offers exclusive content not available anywhere else. This includes original series produced by TVNZ one live streaming itself as well as third-party productions.

TVNZ+ also has an extensive range of features designed to make your streaming experience more enjoyable. This includes personalized recommendations based on your viewing history, multiple profiles for different family members, and customizable parental controls.

Registering and verifying a user in TVNZ+

Once you have chosen your TVNZ app plan, you'll be prompted to create a TVNZ online account:

  1. This is done using a valid email address and TVNZ phone number and selecting a password.
  2. Once your account is created, you can start watching all our content immediately. You will also access exclusive offers only available to TVNZ+ members, including discounts on big-brand products and free screenings of selected movies and shows.
  3. When signing up for one of our plans, it's important to note that some plans require payment via credit or debit card upon setup. If this applies to your plan, you must enter your payment details when creating your account. This allows us to access payments for the subscription period.
  4. If you choose one of our no-commitment plans, no payment is required upon setup, and you will be able to enjoy all of our content with no obligation. These plans are perfect if you're looking for a flexible alternative to traditional subscriptions or just want to try out TVNZ login before committing long-term.

Is TVNZ free? Get a free seven-day trial so that you can get a taste before making any decision about signing up.

Using OnlineSim virtual number for verification

OnlineSim boasts more than 10,000 virtual directories from more than 30 locations worldwide. It also works with more than 500 mobile carriers from different countries. You will be able to choose a phone number according to your region. There are directories for short-term and long-term use. Enter your virtual phonebook in the corresponding field during the TVNZ+ registration and SMS verification process. A unique code will be delivered to your OnlineSim account.

Now let's look in detail at what you need to do to verify in TVNZ+ account:

  1. Register your OnlineSim account and go to the payments section.
  2. You will see the proposed ways to refill your account via SMS, from which you have to choose the most convenient one.
  3. Choose a virtual number and country on the main page, choosing TVNZ+.
  4. You must enter the number you bought at OnlineSim and send an SMS notification. A notification with a verification code appears in your OnlineSim personal cabinet. Copy and paste this SMS into the corresponding field.

It is done!