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Dec 23 14:03:33, 2021

Registration process on online marketplace OfferUp | Onlinesim

OfferUp is a popular application considered the largest among the shopping sites for local buyers and sellers. The application gives its users complete security, as anyone has the right to create their reputation on the site.

According to OfferUp's developers, users spend about 25 minutes on the application daily, putting them on par with such giants as Instagram and Snapchat.

Like eBay, in the OfferUp application, a user can rate a person once a transaction is completed. Additionally, if they wish, buyers can become members of the TryYou service by adding a personal ID to authenticate their profile. The system has a secure chat room, but each transaction is done in person.

We should add that the Offer Up application acquired LetGo a year ago. As a result, these marketplaces have merged, allowing buyers to conduct even more transactions, and sellers can lure more customers by making faster sales.

OfferUp Marketplace. Features of the service

OfferUp is a private, local marketplace based in the Pacific Northwest. Users can use OfferUp with iOS and Android smartphones. The OfferUp platform provides virtual communities in which users shop and sell items.

OfferUp's classifieds marketplace has about a hundred million users. OfferUp can be considered a new startup that has acquired funding, large downloads, and active users.

The platform stands out from the rest because of:

  • Power,
  • An intuitive user interface,
  • A simple sales policy,
  • Seamless customer experience,
  • Free use.

OfferUp is distributed for free, but there is an option to get more advanced features by purchasing a subscription.

Register in OfferUp. Essential Functions of the service

It doesn't take much effort to create an OfferUp account. Create an OfferUp account using only email/social media.

Register/Login to OfferUp

The application is available in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) for free or use the website.

Selecting the login/registration method:

  1. Facebook. Click Continue with Facebook, then follow the instructions. This method will help connect the OfferUp user account with the social network Facebook.
  2. Google. Click Continue with Google, then follow the instructions. This method will link the OfferUp user account to Google.
  3. Apple. Click Continue with Apple and then follow the instructions.
  4. Email Address. Enter your name, email address, and a strong password. Click Register, and then check your email, which will show a verification email from the service with a link.

Creating an account

When creating an account, you can choose an account name.

The main recommendations of the service:

  1. The account name should not be offensive, judgmental, or cover violence, threats, or sexual innuendo.
  2. The account name must not intentionally deceive, confuse, or be similar to another user/company name. Impersonation as someone else is prohibited.
  3. The account name must not imply intentional harassment, advertising, fraud, or spam.
  4. The account name must not contain personal information.
  5. OfferUp reserves the right to remove content that wholly violates the above rules.

Mobile number verification

This step is recommended to ensure the highest security of the user account.

  1. Once the user has created an account on the service, they should enter their mobile number on the Secure Your Account page.
  2. Next, click Send Code.
  3. A verification code will be sent to the user's mobile number and entered in the appropriate field.
  4. Click Verify.

But what should users who can't pass the verification process do? To do this, you should use the OnlineSim service!

How to get a free phone number for OfferUp verification?

OnlineSIM has been providing virtual mobile numbers for many years that help to get that coveted verification code. The user will no longer need to use another actual phone number. At OnlineSIM, you can use a virtual phone service that allows you to register and verify on different websites, including OfferUp, without a phone number. All you need is free single numbers or individual virtual numbers from OnlineSIM!

The user receives an extended base of more than 10,000 phone numbers from 30 countries worldwide. Mobile number rental is available for both the short term and long term.

  1. Go to the site OnlineSIM.
  2. Choose "Free phone numbers" (to get acquainted with the service) or "Paid phone numbers (you can buy phone number online)."
  3. Choose a country, phone number for us (buy sms number), and application from the list.
  4. Then the site will give the user the phone, which will receive a SMS verification code. Now enter the received phone number to get the OfferUp verification SMS code - enter it in the OfferUp registration field.

The verification code is now available to the user. It is essential to know that the same phone number for account verification can be used for an OfferUp once.