Jul 30, 2020

Rent temporary mobile phone number |

Many websites require SMS verification to complete registration. That is why it is worth using a temporary phone number to receive temporary SMS. These are virtual numbers of different countries for unlimited message reception.

How to rent temporary mobile number?

All users of can choose a phone number rental period of 1, 7, 14, or 30 days with an extension option. Countries and periods are available in your account. Phone number SMS reception is available for these services and countries.

Money is debited from the account immediately after receiving the first phone message. Before this, you can cancel the phone number service. This phone option is available around the clock. Users can also extend the term of using SMS phone numbers. To rent pay phone number, you need to do a few simple steps:

1. Open Rental tab:

2. Select your desired country for a phone number:

3. Enable the Number renewal phone parameter:

4. Select an international number rental period: 1, 7, 15, or 30 days. The longer the period, the lower the number rate for one day.

5. Click on the line “Buy number” to get a rent phone number.

6. That’s it.

How to receive SMS to a rented number?

After you receive an international disposable phone number, you need to receive the first message. Use the number for any website you are interested in. You have 20 minutes to activate the service. Any user must receive SMS online info, otherwise, the service is canceled, and the money will be returned to the account.

A special timer helps you track the remaining time for phone number activation. As soon as you activate the rent number, it will be available to you during the entire rental period. The mobile phone numbers list is extensive.

You will have the opportunity to use the phone number for your needs for a set period. It is worth noting that users can rent several international phones at once. The entire purchase procedure is identical for any phone.

Manual and automatic temp phone number extension

If you want to use SMS receive online longer than the specified period, you can extend it. Here is a list of the steps that are required to renew manually:

  • Select the “Number extension” option before activating the SMS reception service;
  • Click on the Extend button and select a phone number period;
  • The price is unchanged (30 rubles per day).

If you selected the “Number extension” option at the very beginning, then you can configure automatic phone number renewal. Click on the square with the “extend” button. This activates the 30 day extension program for your phone number. If the account balance is insufficient, you will receive a notification by e-mail.