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Rent with Hopper. Registration process | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 5:49 PM
  • 3 minutes

How To Create A Hopper Account Without A Private Phone Number?

Today, people travel a lot and require booking flights, hotels, cars, etc. Many apps facilitate this process, like Hopper. However, it requires adding your personal phone number. It concerns users who dislike sharing their personal information on the Internet. OnlineSim offers a way to avoid revealing your private phone number.

Hopper Platform. Characteristics And Services

Hopper is a travel app that helps you find the best hotel, car, flight, rent, etc., deals. The hopper travel app aims to enable users to travel and rent houses more effectively while getting the best possible services. The Hopper travel app work to predict fares and nightly rates so you can plan your trip to fit your budget.

Frederic Lalonde created the Hopper app back in 2015. The travel app saves users an average of $50 on domestic flights and $120 on international flights. Moreover, the travel app is the number one app in more than thirty countries. Hopper has the following categories:

  • Hotels.
  • Flights.
  • Cars.
  • Homes.

These are categories where you can book services. However, the Hopper travel app has some interesting additional categories:

  • Freeze. The feature enables app users to "freeze" the price if they aren't ready to book today. Thus, Hopper saves up to $300.
  • Rewards. Hopper offers Carrot Cash rewards each time a user books a prepaid trip. Hopper users can use rewards to book houses, hotels, flights, and cars.
  • Wallet. It's the amount of money you deposit and your rewards.
  • Trees. Hopper commits to improving our environment, so they track how many trees they plant.

Hopper has a very convenient app you can download on the official website. The Hopper travel app is available on iOS and Android. Users must create accounts by using their phone numbers to use the Hopper travel app. The phone number is the login, while the password is individual.

Hopper Account Verification With A Private Number

Hopper has a website and mobile versions. Regardless of what version of Hopper you use, create an account to use its features and services. Here's what you should do to sign up for Hopper services:

  • Click on the "sign up" option.
  • Enter your phone number.

The Hopper system immediately verifies you without sending any verification codes. A user can log in to their account by using that phone number as a login. Once your account is ready, you can book hotels, rent apartments, and use other Hopper services. However, your account must be verified through a private number. Otherwise, the Hopper app won't enable you to use all its services.

That's where things become complicated. People don't like using their private numbers because they fear someone will get access to their information. The alternative option to sign up for Hopper services is to use a virtual phone number on OnlineSim.

A Virtual Sim Card On OnlineSim. How To Buy And Use?

Instead of creating an account on Hopper with a private sim, you can sign up by using a virtual one. OnlineSim enables users to create and verify accounts on thousands of apps by providing virtual sim cards. Here's what you must do to obtain a virtual sim card on OnlineSim:

  • Create an account or log in by using your password and login.
  • Choose a country and the number of your future sim.
  • Book the sim card for up to twenty minutes, or rent the number for 24 hours.
  • Pay for the service.
  • Copy and paste the number when verifying the account on Hopper.

And that's it! Renting the number for twenty minutes costs $0.01, and $3 if you choose to rent it for 24 hours.