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RoboForex Trading. Working on a bypass with a virtual number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 14, 2023, 11:51 PM
  • 4 minutes

RoboForex Trading — Sign up With a Virtual Number

RoboForex is an award-winning broker that delivers the best trading solutions for European investors. Access to over 9,400 financial tools spread across multiple assets is exactly what many enthusiasts are looking for. Many of them create a RoboForex account just to trade on the international market. Every trader who uses this platform can expect the following benefits:

  • The RoboForex Analytics app delivers tutorials and videos
  • After opening an account, people will have access to 12,000+ markets
  • 24/7 customer support in multiple languages

The experience offered by RoboForex is enhanced by the R Trader, MetaTrader V, and cTrader solutions. For all of these services, people can use one login, but they will have to create a RoboForex account. It won't take more than 3 minutes.

RoboForex Account — Features of User Registration

The average trader from the EU and the US is unlikely to look for an alternative RoboForex account. This is due to the large coverage of markets, customization flexibility, and detailed analytics. This platform’s owners will offer to trade assets on different profiles — Pro-Standard, real Pro-Cent, and RAMM. Such conditions are not always available to people who prefer other sites.

No reason to worry about losing access to your account. The RoboForex trader is owned by Belize company. You can be sure that the assets on each trader account are securely protected.

The RoboForex Account — What Type to Choose?

Beginners who want to make consistent profits will not be disappointed. Each trader who opens a RoboForex account can choose parameters with maximum flexibility. This company offers a variety of profiles for people with different levels of experience:


This is the entry level for every trader who has visited the RoboForex website to create a new account. Most beginners who are just getting started with analytics will be able to use this tool effectively. For Pro-Standard profile owners are available 33+ pairs. The max leverage is 1:2000.

ECN accounts

An account type that people can open on the RoboForex web page is suitable for enthusiasts who want to work in the best conditions. The RoboForex fee is $20.

Swap-free accounts

It’s a unique solution for Islamic traders who cannot trade swaps due to religious beliefs. People with this type of RoboForex account pay only a fixed fee and nothing else.

With the RoboForex app, a trader can make deposits in 10+ currencies — dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and South African rands. The payment amount does not depend on the account type. International and local escrow banks are available. PayPal is not accepted, regardless of the region of the trader.

The RoboForex Trader Verification — Nuances When Using a Personal Number

With the RoboForex trade app, the process of sending funds or concluding contracts is fast and simple. Just click on the Sing Up button. The main step is to provide basic trade information — name, wallet details, valid phone number, and the trader’s emails. To use the functionality, beginners will have to complete the RoboForex verification. This procedure is mandatory for every beginner who opens an account.

This platform owner will ask any trader to enter the RoboForex email address later. All users should select the leverage and account type. After completing a simple process, they will be redirected to the bar to manage the RoboForex account. The application will be reviewed by the RoboForex staff. Once the whole process is complete, the profile will be opened and people can trade.

Use Virtual Number to Complete Verification — Guide

If people want to complete the RoboForex sign-up, they must use a virtual number. For any trader who prefers the Online Sim platform, the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Visit the broker's website and click on the RoboForex login button.
  2. Open an account on the Online Sim website.
  3. Choose virtual numbers, make a payment and activate the service.
  4. Complete the account verification while keeping the security of the trader's personal data.

Each trader who uses the Online Sim platform can be sure of the security of personal information. What's more, contacts will be shared with third parties, including marketers. Trade wisely and you will be able to prevent most misunderstandings.