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Dec 23 14:25:15, 2021

Signal messenger. How to use it, and what can it do? | Onlinesim

Signal is a trendy application in India. The program allows messaging, like WhatsApp. The cross-platform service gives users the ability to exchange encrypted SMS on iOS and Android phones and Windows devices.

Signal has end-to-end encryption of messages with media files transmitted from one user to another. The Signal app allows you to make and video with voice calls, share photos, videos, and send links.

To use Signal, you need to create an account and register a personal phone number. The Signal account is tied to an automatically generated number, i.e., a private key. The private key in the app is linked to a different number, namely to the user's specified phone number. You don't need to inform Signal about your actual phone number, like a fake sim.

Signal Privacy

Users have a Signal account tied to their mobile number, so you don't have to enter a password into the messenger system. A Signal account is connected to a single number so that you can activate the mobile application on only one device at a time.

Re-registering on a new device needs access to the mobile number to get the Signal verification code. For enhanced protection, you can enable registration lock, which prevents another account registration on a different device without the PIN previously applied during Signal registration.

How to register a Signal mobile number?

Because Signal is a popular messenger in India and the rest of Asia, you need a local phone number to register. Not long ago, the application managed to take high positions in downloads in the App Store on Google Play Store on iOS and Android phone devices. Signing up for Signal itself looks pretty simple.

  • First, the user needs to download the app (you can find it on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).
  • Now, create an account, and to do this, you need to register a personal cell phone number for registration.
  • Press the "Registration" button.
  • We are waiting for the SMS verification code to the specified number. There is also an option to order a confirmation call when SMS does not reach the set number.
  • Once the validation code is received, type it into the appropriate field.
  • Following the instructions, complete the registration process.

Option of using a virtual number within the messenger thanks to OnlineSim

Not every user can register in this application, so they may need a paid or free virtual numbers, which can be purchased from the service OnlineSim.

By giving Signal any number that can receive SMS, it will be possible to register a messenger account. The Signal service will send an SMS account message to the specified mobile number with a verification code.

OnlineSIM is a trusted virtual directory accommodation. It has more than 10 000 online SIMs in its arsenal. This provider has an impressive list of countries and mobile operators to choose from. Directories from 30 countries around the globe, including manuals with Indian phone codes, are at your disposal.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Register on OnlineSIM's site.
  2. Buy an Indian virtual directory and choose the Signal platform.
  3. Download/install Signal.
  4. Start your Signal account registration process.
  5. When asked about your phone
  6. directory, copy your new Indian number from your OnlineSIM cabinet
  7. and paste it into the corresponding field.
  8. Find your verification code
  9. in your OnlineSIM cabinet, and copy/paste it into the corresponding Signal field.
  10. Complete the activation.

The Signal account is registered! Now set a Signal registration lock PIN code for complete security. To do this, go to the application settings menu, where you need to select Privacy, and in this section, go to Registration Lock PIN. Enter a secure password and enjoy communicating in the popular messenger!