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Dec 23 14:14:51, 2021

SnappFood delivery usage and registration process | Onlinesim

The Snappfood service is a leading online food ordering brand in Iran, operating since 2009. Snapfood Ir allows its customers to browse the menu and conduct a food delivery order. The restaurant database on a Snappfood service has more than 1,500 restaurants throughout Iran.

Thanks to its attention to quality service, passion for work, creativity, and innovative solutions, the company is top-rated in Iran.

Snapp Food Delivery. Features of delivery functions

The Snapp Food service delivery service in Iran is popular because of its convenient food delivery services company. The Snapp Food app has GPS navigation support, allowing users to be shown every restaurant nearby. Every establishment has menus, photos of dishes, and comments.

The app service constantly updates restaurant menus. You can sort restaurants and dishes by intelligent filters.

The widespread application was installed by more than 1 million users on phones with the Android operating system.

The registration process in the Snapp Food application by OnlineSim: instructions

Registration in a Snapp Food service can be done through a cell phone number. The service works only with Iranian mobile operators, so there is a problem with creating an account if there is no local SIM card. But this problem can be quickly solved and you don't need a free sms website without registration.

Using the services of the OnlineSim website, the user can buy a virtual number of Iranian mobile operators to register with a Snapp Food service or any other countries (for example, virtual number USA). After receiving SMS messages, it will be possible to go through the verification process by sending free sms to Iran and successfully create an account in the SnappFood service.

The user receives an extended base of more than 10,000 phone numbers from 30 countries worldwide. Mobile number rental is available for both the short term and long term.

OnlineSIM has provided virtual mobile numbers that help get that coveted verification code. The user will no longer need to use another actual free phone number service. At OnlineSIM, you can use a virtual phone service that allows you to register and verify on different websites, including OfferUp, without a phone number. All you need is free single numbers or individual virtual numbers from OnlineSIM!

Open OnlineSim and Snapp Food to perform the registration process:

  1. Open the site's home page and enter the name of the Iranian virtual number.
  2. In the search box, we find "Snapp Food."
  3. Now open the official website/application of the company.
  4. Go to the "Registration" tab, where you need to specify the Iranian mobile number.
  5. Go to OnlineSim, where you buy a online virtual phone number from Iran, and after selecting Snapp Food service, ask for a registration code.
  6. Go back to the Snapp Food site/application with the received verification code and enter it in the appropriate field.
  7. You're all set!

A Snapp Food account is already safe to use, ordering delivery of your favorite food without restrictions from available restaurants in Iran.