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Social media app BeReal. How to use and sign up options | Onlinesim

  • Mar 24, 2023, 4:24 PM
  • 4 minutes

Today, everyone has a social media account. It could be Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or even Facebook (Meta) despite the decreasing popularity of the latter. However, many have problems with such media since they promote unrealistic standards. People often post photos and stories that show perfect people, men or women, living ideal lives.

The trick is that these "influencers" either lie or truly live such lifestyles. In the latter case, they are almost celebrities since they get brand deals and generate profit that enables them to live luxurious lives that a small percentage of people can afford. Moreover, they use filters to look flawless.

This is a problem, and many aim to fix it. One such problem-fixing idea is introduced by a new app called BeReal. Check out what the app offers and how to use it via OnlineSime services.

BeReal Social Network And Its Features

BeReal is a new and exciting social media platform that may restore some authenticity to your social media posting. The app does not enable photo filtering, getting followers, or other similar features like most social apps offer. The BeReal social network does allow you to add friends, though. The BeReal social app is about "being real" and taking images.

Social app users receive a daily reminder that states "Time to BeReal" at a random moment during any day. You have two minutes from the time you receive the BeReal notification to shoot a selfie and then immediately shoot a picture of what you are doing at the moment.

Then you have two more options: choose to post whatever you were doing at the moment or postpone and post later. Thus, everyone will see whether you were real or not since the BeReal shows if you've managed to make the picture at the moment or added some alterations.

BeReal Social Media App Features

BeReal's main aim is to add more authenticity to people's lives who grew sick and tired of polished Instagram and TikTok posts. Let's "be real," many influencers never post their real photos. Everyone nowadays uses filters, and it becomes increasingly hard to differentiate between Instagram reality and the real world. Some people believe they look "ugly" or not attractive enough because of traditional social networks.

Thus, BeReal is the opposite of all mentioned social networks. Here are some of the most exciting BeReal features:

  • Notifications. Every user who creates a BeReal account receives random notifications during the day. Their main task is to manage to take photos during the period BeReal enables them to do so.
  • Posting a photo. Once you get a notification, you have two minutes to take a selfie and a photo of your surroundings. That's how you prove that you are truly doing what you're claiming to be doing. As mentioned, all photos are real since the in-built BeReal camera has zero filters or enhancements.
  • Getting friends. Instead of followers, you get friends on BeReal. Some may say it's a cheesy feature, but it does offer more authenticity.
  • Reacting to other people's posts. BeReal users can react to other people's photos on this social media app. However, there is a trick. Instead of posting an emoji, you have to click on it and also add your photo doing that emoji!
  • Checking one's photo calendar. All BeReal selfies or photos you post randomly during the day are collected within your calendar. Users can go through their calendars and enjoy their day for the second time!

You can tell that BeReal is an extremely fun app that humanity needs. It's simple to use, fun, and brings joy to many people's lives. However, to use BeReal, people must create accounts.

BeReal Registration Peculiarities Via Personal SIM Card

Everyone today values their privacy and anonymity. Many companies and services hunt for our data to sell it to third parties. We don't like when they do that since we don't want to receive random messages offering to buy unnecessary services or items. Moreover, it's dangerous since many use their personal numbers for online banking and other purposes.

So, how can you create a Bereal account and secure your anonymity if you need a phone number and email to create an account? It's simple: use OnlineSim services!

Virtual SIM Card For Anonymity Purposes. Peculiarities Of OnlineSim Services

OnlineSim offers a simple way to keep your anonymity and secure privacy. The service provides rent of online SIM cards. They work like the original ones, but users get verification and other codes via their OnlineSim mailbox. Here's what to do to get the service:

  • Log in or sign up.
  • Choose a number.
  • Pay for the number.
  • Use it to create a BeReal account.
  • Get a verification code and use it to verify the BeReal account.

And that's how you get a verified account on BeReal without sacrificing your privacy!