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May 13 14:36:22, 2021

Steps for Using MeetMe via SMS Online Services | Onlinesim.io

The well-known dating site MeetMe is positioning itself as a secure platform. The owner of this web resource assures that all profiles are created by real people. MeetMe requires the users to verify their account within 5 days of signing up. A specific phone number is assigned to each page. Verification is carried out due the following:

  • This online platform owners are trying to prevent profiles with a fake first and last name from opening. With this web resource, people cannot create multiple accounts with the same phone number for verification. It's the case for other sites that new users open an account using a fake phone, but for MeetMe this is more often an exceptional case and not a trend.
  • Preventing DDOS attacks. Most sites use the CAPTCHA to ensure that the person registering is not a bot. This is a kind of verification without sending SMS codes to your phone number. But if the MeetMe system has identified suspicious activity, users have to do it. We’re talking about providing a mobile phone number and in 1 click verify meetme account.
  • Fraud prevention. The administration of this resource responds when a complaint is received about suspicious user activity. System asks for a phone number verification to instantly determine if the page is fake. This is the best way to prevent spam and any advertising.

More than 100 million users prefer MeetMe messenger. This is one of the most popular apps for teenagers. Accounts on this platform are created by people who hope for friendships and dates. But this is not always safe. Our experts tried to understand the specs of this resource. They have read dozens of reviews about MeetMe verification bypass and the security principles that are acceptable for this platform. Let's see what came of it.

Using a Virtual Number & Registering on the MeetMe Platform

If people do not want to have problems associated with debiting money from a bank account, they should use more than one phone number to confirm online payments and activate or verify MeetMe accounts. Such a principle significantly reduces the risks of being compromised. But often newbies will have to buy additional SIM cards for verification of new phone numbers. If we're talking about the MeetMe platform and creating multiple fake accounts, it's costly. Therefore, people often look for an alternative and it’s, of course, about the phone virtual number with which you can verify any page.

Need to bypass blocking is why people are increasingly choosing to register with a virtual phone numbers. Thanks to special platforms, they will be able to do it and complete verification. Many MeetMe users prefer to generate a virtual phone number, get a one-time code and verify any number of fake accounts without buying additional SIM cards. This way, you can verify a page without putting yourself in danger for cybercriminals. Experts are sure that there are thousands of such fake profiles on the MeetMe website.

How to Verify Phone Number and Keep MeetMe User's Security?

Bypassing locks and creating fake accounts has long ceased to be something new for an ordinary Internet user. It is no longer enough for people to have 1 page in social networks and one phone number. If the youth want to bypass MeetMe verification, they use platforms that provide people with a free virtual number. There are dozens such services on the Internet, but not in every case it’s safe to complete verification using the virtual number for MeetMe. In order to eliminate the problems associated with the loss of access to your account, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Authority of the company that offers to verify with a new fake phone number. You should check this regardless of which site you need the virtual number. Experts say that 40% of account hacks are due to the user's negligence. You should use reputable platforms. Only in this case it will be possible to complete the phone number verification without incident.
  • Use of SSL certificates. Not all owners of web platforms that offer virtual number service are able to provide this. Therefore, if you want to bypass the blocking for MeetMe, pay attention to this. Otherwise, your account can be hacked and you never get access. It does not depend on whether you use a virtual or real number in order to verify the page.
  • Feedback from other users about the resource. Other users often write on how they bypassed MeetMe blocking using a virtual phone number and completed verification. This information will also be useful to those who open an account for the first time.

Virtual Phone Number vs Proxy

The desire to bypass the blocking is not considered the only reason for using a virtual phone number for verification. One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century is protecting the privacy of personal and payment information. Due to the use of mobile devices, developers determine the location and preferences of the customers. This also applies to young people who want to verify their MeetMe profile with a virtual phone number. Despite the constant restrictions and blocking of resources, protecting users' privacy is becoming increasingly difficult. For this reason, 50% of people in the USA and Europe, in an attempt to find new ways of protection, use VPN and proxies. But this is not always a good alternative to a virtual phone number if we are talking about privacy.

Guide for Registering in MeetMe With Virtual Phone Number: Step by Step

People can verify their MeetMe account without using a billing phone number. This can be done in 2 ways. To do this, the user can send an email to MeetMe support. But the answer will have to wait for a few days, or even weeks. To activate accounts, anyone can use a virtual(fake) phone number. In this case, people should follow the algorithm:

  1. Immediately after creating an account, users must link their profile from the pages on the social network. This can be done using an active Facebook account or email address. After such a procedure newcomers can view a list of publicly available information about people living nearby. But in order to use the full version of the platform, you should verify the profile with a phone number. If you want to bypass this step, it is unlikely to find the right people and write them a message.
  2. If newbies regularly chat on MeetMe, regardless of whether they want to personally meet with other users, the administration of the resource requests additional verification. In this case, you will be asked for a phone number to send a one-time code. This is a mandatory verification procedure, ignoring which will cause a temporary blocking of your fake account.
  3. In order to verify MeetMe without phone numbers, you should create a profile on a special platform. It will take no more than 10 seconds and does not require sending personal data. Then you can use the demo mode or activate an additional virtual number by signing up for a subscription. But this is not the only thing that such platforms offer. Visitors to some web resources who paid the tariff after opening an account will be able to access not one virtual phone number, but more than 10. This means that you can verify more than one account on a dating site.
  4. After you choose a virtual number, you need to fill in the appropriate form on the MeetMe website. Without this, the one-time code cannot be sent “to your phone”.
  5. Visit the site through which the virtual numbers service is provided and copy the one-time activation code. This can be done in 1 click. In most cases, this procedure will be completed and you will never need this phone number. But even if re-verification is required, people can specify other contact information.
  6. Congratulations, your phone number has been validated!

MeetMe is a platform created exclusively for people looking to meet new friends. While there is nothing wrong with forging new friendships, for many people it will not be a good idea. This is due to the risk of being deceived by the scammers. Therefore, the verification procedure with a phone number is considered an important step.