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Strava platform. Registration/verification process | Onlinesim

  • Feb 12, 2023, 9:37 PM
  • 4 minutes

Strava resembles an actual sports hall in many functions, working in online mode. The Strava app has statistical procedures which allow you to schedule races, competitions, and new challenges (Strava Challenges). The app will enable you to create events for any sport supported by Strava.

Let's understand how the Strava app works and what its advantages are. Let's also consider Strava sign in and Strava login at the expense of a virtual phone number.

Strava platform. Services, functions, and features

Strava is one of the world's most popular fitness apps. It is a sports Strava tracker, a social network, a kind of fitness Instagram, a route planner, and a pace and heart rate analyzer.

In Strava, you can follow the workouts of your favorite athletes who also use the app because it's a never-ending source of inspiration and new activities. And when you follow your friends' exercises, you can find new and exciting workout spots and even start training together. Strava displays similar data on the activities of all Strava users, such as average running pace and heart rate, which you can compare with your own at any time.

With Strava, you're not just recording your achievements but constantly sharing your experiences. The app creates several levels of interaction between users. So, you credit your friend for a spectacular photo from a workout, add an exciting route, and during a joint sports run or bicycle training, you discuss who and how passed a particular segment on the course. One of the main ideas of the Strava app is that users see detailed results of everyone they are subscribed to.

The settings in Strava allow you to select the following functions for training:

  • Display Mode. This mode works when the user does not want to turn on the smartphone screen every time to view the location.
  • Audio prompts. The app notifies of start, finish and pauses.
  • Auto Pause. The function is activated when you stop running.
  • Sensors. Possibility to synchronize Strava with other fitness gadgets.
  • Online. Each of your subscribers will see the user's activity right during the workout.
  • Beacon. Setting up and sending a message to your contacts.

Strava account verification when using a virtual number

Professional athletes can use Strava to publicly showcase their successes, show their fans and supporters exciting routes, and motivate them to exercise. You don't just study how athletes run certain distances but also get access to a source of long-term inspiration because every report on your idol's training is a visual illustration of the endless possibilities of the human body.

How to get verified on Strava? Use the official Strava app to customize your workouts better:

  1. Download the Strava app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Navigate to the registration field.
  3. Enter the personal information the app asks for.
  4. You can add your phone number, email address, and personal information here.
  5. Click "Done."

There is a somewhat critical point to be made. Strava asks for a phone number when you register. You can use OnlineSim to bypass this point and provide a virtual phone number that performs the same functions as a standard number. The privilege of using a virtual number from OnlineSim is the complete security of the user so as not to declassify your personal information.

OnlineSim virtual phone number for Strava account verification

OnlineSim is a service of virtual phone numbers. Its virtual directories work like regular numbers. Private phone numbers from OnlineSim are ideal for account registration, SMS confirmation of registration, use while traveling to other countries, business needs, and much more.

For authentication and verification with various services, OnlineSim is worth using. This verified site helps users get virtual numbers that receive authentication codes without using real phone numbers in their accounts. OnlineSim works without fail. Remember that using free apps of the same subject matter is a risk that, in the worst-case scenario, could result in losing all your data.

Strava phone number verification process thanks to OnlineSim:

  1. Register your OnlineSim account and go to the payments section. You will see a selection of payment methods from which you will have to choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Choose a virtual number and country on the main page by selecting Strava.
  3. You must enter the phone number purchased by Strava and send an SMS notification, which will be displayed in your personal OnlineSim cabinet.
  4. Then a message with a verification code appears in your OnlineSim cabinet. Please copy and paste it into Strava in the appropriate field.

The site database contains over 10 000 virtual phone numbers from more than 30 countries. The service is easy to use, and all information on the site is intuitive. OnlineSim is ideal for those who need another phone number to verify and confirm their Strava account.