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Stream Peacock TV. Verify with a virtual number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 9:55 PM
  • 3 minutes

Watching series and movies is the most popular form of entertainment. The Peacock TV service offers its users a library with all popular films in all genres. You can also watch programs, TV channels, and sports broadcasts through the platform. Peacock TV app will help you to have fun after a hard day, watch the match of your favorite team and learn something new.

Peacock TV Service. Features of use, Functions

With Peacock TV, you can enjoy your favorite cinematic masterpieces anywhere. You can install the application on a computer, TV, or smartphone. You only need to create a Peacock TV account to access the library.

Using the service is very simple. You only need:

  • enter Peacock TV login and password;
  • select a movie, series, or broadcast or enter a title in the search bar;
  • run video.

Popular shows and series, cult films, and broadcasts are available to users. You can set the movie by genre, actors, and year of release of the program to choose what you like. Peacock TV remembers all searches and movies watched. But based on this information, the program looks for the best Peacock TV show for each user.

Peacock TV free is and available to every user. You only need to create an account to access the service catalog. If the user does not want to buy a subscription, he will have to watch ads every hour. It is very distracting and prevents you from enjoying your favorite show. Affordable Peacock TV price allows you to get rid of spam and fully immerse yourself in the movie's atmosphere.

Registration for the Service. Account Verification

Signing up for Peacock TV is very simple. You just need to provide your email address and phone number and create a password. After that, you need Peacock TV sign-in, and you can start choosing a show for the evening.

Remember that you must verify your account. Once you have created an account, the program will send a code to the specified phone number. It must be entered in a specially indicated field.

Registering and verifying an account takes little time. After that, users can view their favorite content and create collections of their favorite movies.

You can create an account from a computer and a mobile phone. The Peacock TV app is as easy to use as possible and gives you a great chance not to miss your favorite team match or the latest TV show.

Using a Virtual Number for Verification. Onlinesim Provider

It is not always possible to use a personal number. For example, you may be in another country where the SIM card does not work. In this case, you should use the services of a virtual provider.

Onlinesim is a service that will help you register on the platform from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is:

  • go to the Onlinesim website;
  • indicate for which service you need the number;
  • select numbers;
  • confirm operation.

All this takes a few minutes. When the number is assigned to the user, you can register on service. The procedure is no different from the usual account creation. The only difference is that you need to specify a personal number and a virtual one.

After registration, Peacock TV will send a code you need to specify in a special box. With the help of a virtual number, you can watch your favorite Peacock TV shows and movies.

Onlinesim is an excellent solution for registering on bottling portals. You will not only get access to all movies, concerts, and series. You will protect yourself from the leakage of personal data and will not worry about incomprehensible calls and messages with advertising and spam.