Nov 15, 2021

Swissborg application. Access to it's functions |

The World Wide Web has generated many valuable professions. It allows people to work from their homes or from any place that has an Internet connection. However, nowadays many websites and applications harden the work because of their policies.

This article will tell you how to bypass certain restrictions specifically with the crypto currency investment app called SwissBorg. You will:

  • know the functional peculiarities of the SwissBorg app;
  • understand the process of registration and its usage;
  • find out which regional restrictions its system has;
  • get acquainted with the best mean for bypassing some restrictions.

Keep reading and you will find a step-by-step instruction of the SwissBorg restrictions bypassing process.

SwissBorg App and its Functional Peculiarities

If you still have not heard of SwissBorg, it is high time to get acquainted with this crypto currency investment platform. This Swiss app appeared back in December 2017. Its team members are approximately from 20 different countries.

If you remember, there was a crypto currency rally at that time. Cyrus Fazel and Anthony Lesoismer raised $53 million to back the SwissBorg project.

Anthony Lesoismer says that their intention is to allow each person to work on his or her wealth without any experts. That is why the app integrates with the major crypto currency exchange. SwissBorg was created to be a platform with a safer, more accessible and quicker way to invest in crypto assets and trade. The developers were aimed at making the process of crypto currency investments easier and faster for their clients.

The success of the crypto currency platform in question is obvious.

  • It has already built a large community around itself.
  • CHSB (native token) with more than 60 000 holders.
  • The usage of the Bitcoin SwissBorg prediction app increases every day.
  • There are referendums connected with blockchain.


SwissBorg is available in more than 60 countries around the globe. However there are certain regional restrictions because of which the full function list offered by SwissBorg is not available in certain countries.

SwissBorg works with more than 10 crypto currencies including:

  • ETH
  • CHSB
  • PAXG
  • BTC
  • USDC
  • BCH
  • BNB
  • ENJ
  • XRP
  • LTC

The app also supports 17 fiat currencies, including CAD, GBP, EUR, SGD, USD, HKD.

The creators also offer a mobile version that is called Wealth App. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. SwissBorg is powered by the Smart Engine technology. The app includes everything you understand under the “Swiss quality”: expertise, craftsmanship and precision. The app is straightforward and intuitive for the comfort of its users. More than 100K people have it on their devices and rate the app 4.5 at average.

Would you like to know the functional peculiarities of the SwissBorg app? Here you go:

  • Smart Engine. It is able to find the best possible route via the price difference in various platforms. SwissBorg users receive the best price within a glimpse of an eye after searching via top exchange platforms, such as LMAX, Binance, HitBTC etc.
  • Transparent Fees. The app is willing to supply its users with best rates without any hidden fees unlike many other exchange platforms.
  • Protection. The company in discussion states that their main priority is safety and security of their clients. Your data and transactions will be safe and not available to others. SwissBorg invests tons of money into MPC cryptography, Platform stress testing and Advanced security software all the time.
  • One Bundle for Multiple Assets. SwissBorg wealth app’s crypto bundles have the pre-chosen crypto assets. They are formed to mitigate risk and increase your chances to realize.
  • Analysis of Portfolio. Special tools at this platform allow clients to have a deeper and clearer insight into their portfolio performance. It is possible to overview withdrawals, fees, profit, loss and total deposits with the help of analytical tools. Your investment decision will be backed up with the Cyborg advisors that predict trend direction. They use deep learning algorithms for reaching the best results.

As you can see, this application is so popular for a reason. Let’s discuss how one can register and use this system.

SwissBorg Registration and Usage. Regional Restrictions

To start with, it is necessary to underline that the users can choose from two different account types: Standard and Premium. Obviously the Premium one has more benefits and convenience for investors. Among the other benefits the Premium account gives 0% exchange fees on CHSB, BTC and stable coin as well as no hidden costs. Premium account holders also boost their earnings daily.

If you want to trade at SwissBorg, it is necessary to register. To create an account:

  • download and install the Swissborg application;
  • register your account;
  • pass the authentication process with the help of your temp service phone number and email;
  • provide your identity documents and nationality.

Everything seems quick and easy, however there is one pitfall. Before creating an account do not forget to check if SwissBorg is available for your country. In case it is not, do not panic. Keep reading and you will find information on what to do if SwissBorg is regionally restricted in your country.

Before you find out this, it is important to know how to activate your Premium account as well. The steps are as follows:

  • take all the previous steps (downloading the app, registering etc.);
  • after this purchase a 50 000 CHSB token with the currency you choose;
  • then click on the Premium button and activate it.

It is necessary to stake on 50 000 CHSB for a year. The tokens will be locked during this year and you will not be able to withdraw them. When the aforementioned period passes you will be able to withdraw and exchange the tokens. Keeping them staked will allow maintaining your Premium account.

It is crucial to remind you about the verification process. To cut the long story short, SwissBorg requires three levels of authentication. The users have different limits and options because of these levels. Now, let’s discuss all the three levels in detail.

Level 1

You will reach authentication level 1 when your identity document is checked. Here you can invest and withdraw up to 5000 euros.

Level 2

To reach the second level you need to verify your home address. It is possible to do this by sending a document where your address is seen. For example, this can be a bank statement. On the second level you can invest and withdraw up to 50 000 euros.

Level 3

Reaching the third level is possible only after your funds origin verification. This level does not have any limits for investing or withdrawing funds.

So, simply choose the desired level and pass verification.

However, there can be an issue with regional restrictions. SwissBorg does not accept United States citizens due to financial regulations in the US. There are also several other regional restrictions this virtual community has. Despite the restrictions it is still possible to use the app in question. Learn how.

Virtual Number for Bypassing Certain SwissBorg Restrictions

Virtual directories are great tools for bypassing various regional restrictions set by online platforms including SwissBorg. They work as regular mobile directories, but through the Internet.

Such online SIMs can be used while registering on a platform with regional restrictions. The trick is that you can choose any country from the list of the available ones and the platform will perceive you as a resident of that country.

There are hundreds of free and paid virtual cell number services on the Web. Free services cannot guarantee high data protection levels unfortunately. Besides, their connection is not stable as they cannot afford investing money into decent software and hardware.

Paid accommodations are more stable and reliable. While choosing a virtual directory accommodation always pay attention at the list of countries it offers (especially if your aim is regional restrictions bypassing). For the SwissBorg app you need a Swiss phone number. The larger the list is the better.

Besides, to choose a reputable company, find out how many directories it owns and which mobile operators it works with. Learn what protection level it has and its prices. Also check with the service if its numbers are available for both short and long terms.

Do not forget to ask if the service has free directories for a trial. Reputable accommodations always provide their customers with a free trial! Having received your free directory for a trial, pay attention at how quickly the verification code is delivered.

OnlineSIM is a trusted virtual directory accommodation. It has more than 10 000 online SIMs in its arsenal. This provider has an impressive list of countries and mobile operators to choose from. Directories from 30 countries around the globe including directories with Swiss phone code are at your disposal.

This company cares about the privacy of its clients. Your personal data will not be available for anyone else. The connection is stable and the verification codes come in quickly. It is possible to order both short-term directories and numbs for long-term usage. The best thing is that OnlineSIM offers free trials of their service. A free virtual mobile phone number is waiting for you whenever you are ready to try it.

Here is how everything works. This step-by-step instruction will make the image of regional restriction bypassing for SwissBorg clear in your head.

Step 1

Register on OnlineSIM’s site. If you check the list of the available countries, Switzerland will be there.

Step 2

Buy a Swiss virtual directory and choose the SwissBorg platform.

Step 3

Download the SwissBorg app and install it.

Step 4

Start your SwissBorg account registration process.

Step 5

When asked about your phone directory, copy your new Swiss numb from your OnlineSIM cabinet and paste it into the corresponding field on SwissBorg.

Step 6

Find your verification code in your OnlineSIM cabinet in a minute or quicker, copy and paste it into the corresponding SwissBorg field.

Step 7

Complete the activation.

OnineSIM is an authoritative company that provides the best services for its clients at a reasonable cost. Its customer support works around the clock in case any questions are to be answered. OnlineSIM numbers are used for verifying accounts on all the prominent platforms and SwissBorg is no exception. Swissborg crypto app will not be able to see OnlineSIM’s directories as something suspicious and you will be able to register, invest, trade and receive profit easily and with comfort.