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Dec 23 14:53:02, 2021

Taking care of your security with Threema messenger | Onlinesim

Threema is a message app that focuses on security and privacy metrics. Threema tops the list of downloaded apps, surpassing WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook in its time. Threema is available for download for Android and iOS phones in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The message app was created by Swiss developers, Threema GmbH, paying more attention to information security with user privacy. Threema is a paid app priced at €3.99. In addition, it is available for use from any browser and has a version for desktop computers.

The app stores minimal data on servers in Switzerland, and the rest of the information, such as an account with conversations, is stored on the mobile device. It turns out that the servers work as an intermediary for sending SMS, which is similarly amenable to encryption. Threema does not synchronize data in the cloud to not succumb to hacking, which makes it even more secure for users.

Features of the Threema messenger

The main advantage of Threema is considered to be its exciting registration. You can't sign up for the app by mobile number and name. And then what to do? To register, Threema assigns each user a unique and anonymous ID - this is the only information stored on the app's servers.

Also noteworthy are the three dots of different colors below the contacts. What are they?

  • Red dot - the app does not get a conviction as to whether the contact is a natural person.
  • Yellow dot - the phone number/email is valid.
  • Green dot - adding a contact is due to Threema's built-in QR code (users themselves create a QR code that other users scan to add a reference). Different settings like email address and phone number can be skipped because the app doesn't need to know this. You can use the service anonymously because a random ID will be responsible for all the security.

Other benefits of Threema app free include:

  • voice calls,
  • video calls,
  • sending voice memos,
  • sending files (photos, videos, PDF, GIF, DOC, and many others),
  • creation of groups,
  • light/dark mode.

Installing and configuring Threema for iOS & Android

Installing Threema from Google Play and the Apple App Store is easy. As soon as the app is launched for the first time, a personal Threema ID must be made. To do this, the user needs to swipe the highlighted display area, which will help generate an ID and create a unique asymmetric key (such keys will appear in duplicate) to play a role in SMS encryption and decryption.

A copy of the user's public key will automatically remain on the application servers - people who start communicating use that same key to encrypt messages. The user's private key stays on their mobile device, so Threema doesn't see it, just like other users.

Using Threema won't be too tricky if you've dealt with the Whatsapp app before. The application functions on Android and iOS phones ideally and without problems.

For iOS:

  1. Download Threema in the Apple Store;
  2. Click on the "Create account" button;
  3. Enter your personal phone number and be sure to confirm it on your mobile device;
  4. Now enter the email address;
  5. Set up a user profile;
  6. Allow the application to interact with you;
  7. That's all, enjoy new acquaintances on your mobile device!

For Android:

  1. Download Threema from the Google Store;
  2. Select the method of logging into your account;
  3. Enter a personal phone number and be sure to confirm it on your mobile device;
  4. Set up a user profile;
  5. Allow the application to interact with you;
  6. That's all, enjoy new acquaintances on your mobile device!

Threema Web Client

Based on a mobile devices browser, this interface is not a separate product with its Threema ID. The web client synchronizes with the user's cell phone. This browser is convenient for those users who like to spend more time on the desktop computer, leaving aside the smartphone and tablet mobile device. With a keyboard connected, communication in Threema goes to a whole other level.

What does Threema Work, Threema Broadcast, Threema Gateway, and Threema Education mean?

  • Threema Work was explicitly developed for any organization. Thanks to the application, it is possible to formalize as well as to manage the application of instant SMS exchange in the workplace. Indeed any organization has people who use personal message applications at work. As a result, the organization can have problems, such as leaks of confidential information and unintentional violation of organizational rules with the rest of the law. Threema Work will help eliminate all topics because the organization's employees will be able to use a secure message device service.
  • Threema Broadcast is a web-based interface that allows broadcasting to mail lists, groups, newsletters, and bots through Threema. The Private Broadcast option is designed to prevent unauthorized users from becoming members of closed communities.
  • Threema Gateway is considered a set of APIs and SDKs. Their job is to send messages from their software to Threema device users.
  • Threema Education is a de facto copy of Threema Work. The difference in this direction becomes the special prices, which are directed to the area of educational institutions.

About global search

With the latest global search feature, users can search every chat room at once rather than doing it individually. The new search method is ideal for finding what you need quickly if you forget when and to whom you wrote or sent something.

Built-in media gallery

The new built-in media gallery was made to simplify the sending of photos and videos, showing everything in a convenient format. The user can also add captions/edit photos before sending a message.

The image search mode here is an additional feature used by the system for photo recognition to do a keyword search for images.

Advanced Groups

The Android and iOS mobile device app now can support groups of up to 256 members, allowing each type of message to be quoted.

Threema's security compared to its competitors

Threema's main competitor, WhatsApp, steps in terms of protection. Threema and WhatsApp have the same encryption, end to end. Both messengers are secure for their users, but WhatsApp stores a certain amount of metadata of users' communication, while Threema leaves nothing in its memory. Additionally, WhatsApp is part of Facebook, which can sometimes ignore respect for users' rights. It turns out that Threema and WhatsApp are safe, but Threema does not store users' correspondence, which makes it a better alternative to WhatsApp.

Who might be suitable for the Threema messenger?

There are certain situations where Threema is the ideal option for some users, for example, if the user needs to create and connect several people in a group. In that case, it doesn't matter how many outsiders use the service in their work.

Those who want to use and not worry about their anonymity should use Threema's secure text message service. Hackers with the rest of the ilk often turn their attention to the larger targets without affecting them. Threema is precisely that, standing out for its ultra-security and a small number of people online.

Most popular with Threema is the corporate portion of Work and integration with personal software, so it's no surprise that this app is ideal for more and more people.

Ability to register with Threema with a virtual number for additional protection of personal information

Registration in Threema through a cell phone number is unavailable to all, so you should use a virtual number and help in this matter service OnlineSim. How to do it?

It is better to use OnlineSim to verify your Threema account. This service adds temporary phone numbers daily, guaranteeing users the verification of Threema through reliable and verified virtual numbers. Receiving text message online at the expense of OnlineSim.

  1. First, click on Login and select the Register for Threema option.
  2. Now go to OnlineSim. Choose the desired country from the list of countries and buy a virtual number.
  3. Go back to Threema. Enter your virtual number in the field where you want your cell phone number. You will receive a verification code on this number, which number you must enter in Threema.
  4. Wait until the end of the account verification.

This completes successfully registering a messenger account thanks to a virtual cell phone number!

Why is OnlineSIM the best option for account verification?

OnlineSIM is a verified virtual directory service that allows you to get verification codes to verify your accounts. Virtual numbers function similarly to conventional numbers, but the whole point is that the user is not tied to the phone because the virtual number works over the Internet. It turns out that everyone can be anywhere in the world and use several such directories without any problems by connecting to the Internet.

The provider of virtual numbers OnlineSIM provides customers with more than 10,000 phone numbers online. The service has a large selection of locations, meaning more than 30 countries are available phone number to choose from. The verification codes are sure to come to OnlineSIM virtual numbers from any country. The procedure is speedy, and the connection itself is always stable.

This service is widespread, and it is intuitive and straightforward to use. First, you need to register on the site. Then you top up your balance (but the site allows you to try the service for free at first), then specify the desired location among the available places and then order your number. Now the user can use the purchased virtual number to receive SMS. As we see, using the OnlineSIM service is very simple, and you can verify your new account at any necessary website and application!

Regarding the free virtual directories at OnlineSIM: The company gives each user an excellent and comfortable experience before you pay for it, which is why it offers this possibility. You should not hesitate to try the free phone service online by number verification from OnlineSIM.

The rates themselves are divided into two types to choose the option that suits them best. You can pay to receive SMS from one site or rent a number to receive text messages from any location.

For the first option, the user gets an online number for a specific time (minimum 10 minutes, maximum one hour). The time selected depends on your choice of location. With this option, the client is able to receive an unlimited number of verification SMS message from only one site and application.

You get a virtual number with a time limit from one day to unlimited renewal for the second option. This option allows you to receive SMS message verification from any site or application for a specified time.

Costs at OnlineSIM are quite loyal compared to other virtual services all over the world. Rare cases involve the option when something goes wrong, and the user simply does not receive a long-awaited verification code to the phone number. Then we just try to delete the previous item and then choose a new number, which will be provided to the user for free.

Remember that without verification, the chosen platform will not trust you, and simply you will not be able to create an account through email. When users cannot verify their account, the site or app will not accept their registration, and all further steps are pointless. We advise you to use the provided tips discussed in this article to make the verification process trouble-free. You will ensure that everything is accurate and that OnlineSIM services are suitable for you!

Conclusion about the Threema service

Many users remain satisfied with the work and services of the Threema service. The full-featured service functions just fine, showing no common errors with the other unpleasant surprises in its operation. Perks like Threema Work and Education deserve special consideration for many large firms, and Broadcast with Gateway also adds great product applications.

When setting up the application, any user gets a randomly generated Threema ID. This is very convenient because tying a phone number and an email address. Threema is an authentic Swiss company, which hosts its servers in Switzerland. From software development to customer support, the company does everything itself. The service meets every requirement of the GDPR. Threema is not funded through advertising, which many other messengers use. The service also does not collect user data and keeps it safe.

Threema has a potential drawback in its use that some users may notice is the network effect. Communication systems, like messaging applications, are given an important role closely tied to the number of users, meaning the more users, the higher the product's price. Right now, Threema's user base reaches about five million active users. The figure is quite prominent, but the figure is lower than the user bases of other secure messaging applications (for example, the bottom of Telegram reaches 200 million users, the base of Viber - 260 million, and the base of WhatsApp has 1,600,000 users).

By and large, Threema makes it possible to find available people for communication. The reasons for using this service are much greater than those of other online text messaging applications.