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Use a virtual number for Leboncoin registration | Onlinesim

  • Mar 24, 2023, 4:18 PM
  • 3 minutes

Today, people use convenient online marketplaces to access goods and services, regardless of where they are located. The Leboncoin app is one such marketplace. Keep reading to learn how to create an account via a virtual sim card.

Leboncoin Marketplace. Site Features And Peculiarities

Leboncoin is a famous online marketplace that originated in France. It's a free website where people and companies can buy and sell various products and services. The list of items includes cars, clothing items, furniture, home renovation items, real estate, and services like cleaning, repair, etc.

The Leboncoin app works on an advertisement basis. Meaning that vendors post their adverts for free, and Leboncoin account owners (buyers) browse the lists and contact vendors directly to buy these things. The Leboncoin platform places ads to earn revenue. The site does not assist transactions between account owners. It means that you don't have to pay a fee. That's why this service is so popular.

Users must first register a Leboncoin account. Getting an account requires revealing the phone number and email address. Leboncoin users may then explore the lists of products by category, location, or keyword search. Filters also enable Leboncoin account owners to specify the type of product or service and a minimum and maximum price.

When a Leboncoin account user discovers an item of interest, they may contact the seller using the platform's messaging system. Then the Leboncoin user and the seller may schedule an appointment to see the product. For instance, you may buy a car or even real estate using this method. Typically, it's much cheaper than using a real estate agent's services.

However, Leboncoin account owners should understand that Leboncoin doesn't facilitate operations between buyers and sellers. Thus, you should be careful to avoid scammers since Lebancoin is not liable and won't be held responsible in case a user is scammed.

Leboncoin also has a premium service called "Leboncoin Pro." This service allows companies and professional merchants to post their items on the site. This premium account includes extras like premium placement in search results and extensive analytics tools. Leboncoin also features a mobile application.

Leboncoin Registration Via A Personal Phone Number

People must create Leboncoin accounts to use its services. The account creation process requires users to reveal their emails and phone numbers. While most people prefer to create accounts via email, they don't get access to advanced safety features. Thus, people want to create accounts via phone numbers.

However, modern people are concerned that their personal numbers are revealed. They don't want to create an account via personal numbers to risk their privacy. However, there is a simple and convenient alternative to creating an account: use a virtual sim card. You can create an account via virtual sim as you would by using a standard phone number. Keep reading to learn how to create an account via virtual sim.

A Detailed Instruction On Using A Virtual Number For Leboncoin Registration

OnlineSim is a platform that offers virtual numbers for rent. The virtual sim card works similarly to a physical one. But instead of receiving a code on your phone, you receive it in your OnlineSim inbox. You must create an OnlineSim account first to get a virtual number. Here's how to create an account:

  • Sign up via one of the available social media accounts.
  • Choose a phone number.
  • Pay for the service.

The next step is copying and pasting the number when creating a Lebancoin account. You will receive the verification code in your inbox.