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Verification process via virtual number on Revcontent | Onlinesim

  • Mar 24, 2023, 4:16 PM
  • 4 minutes

Today, ads are becoming more advanced thanks to such platforms as Revcontent. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this service and how to register via an OnlineSim virtual number.

Revcontent Platform. Website's Features And Peculiarities

Revcontent is a native advertising network that links marketers and publishers in order to promote content throughout the internet. What does "native" mean in this context?

Native advertising is a sort of advertising that mixes in with the content of the platform where it is shown. Thus, it doesn't look like an advertiser's content but like a native publisher's content on the website.

Revcontent publisher works as follows:

  • An advertiser produces advertisements. Advertisers use Revcontent's ad builder to develop native ads. These advertisements can be in several formats (text, picture, video). The requirements for content include looking like a native publisher's content.
  • A publisher posts the advertising on their websites. A publisher must join Revcontent's network and place the ads on their websites. Revcontent employs an algorithm to decide which advertisements are most relevant to the audience of each publication.
  • When consumers visit a publisher's website, they will see native advertisements in the content stream. These advertisements are intended to be interesting and camouflage into the journalistic material to give a consistent user experience.

Advertisers also pay for clicks to the publisher. Revcontent publisher charges an advertiser for each click on their advertisements. The cost per click varies according to the targeting choices and ad space competition.

Thus, Revcontent enables publishers to gain income. Publishers receive a portion of the revenue produced by clicks on advertisements shown on their website. The precise income split depends on the publisher's agreement with Revcontent.

Overall, Revcontent allows marketers to access a specific audience through native advertising and publishers to monetize their website traffic by presenting relevant adverts. Thus, it's a win-win situation for publishers and advertisers.

Revcontent Features

The website has a few convenient features that make this service stand out. Here's what you can expect from the website:

  • Advanced targeting. Revcontent provides extensive targeting options like device, demographic, location, interest, and contextual targeting to guarantee that advertisements are delivered to the most appropriate audience.
  • Large volumes of traffic. Because Revcontent offers a broad network of publishers, advertising may reach a large audience throughout the web.
  • Quality guarantees. Revcontent has a rigorous content review and approval procedure to guarantee that advertising satisfies high editorial standards and is relevant to the publisher's target demographic.
  • Recommendation for content. The platform recommends customized content to users based on browsing history, increasing engagement and lowering bounce rates.
  • Customizable widgets. Revcontent publishers may adjust the appearance and feel of the native advertisements to match the design and style of their website.
  • Transparency. Revcontent provides complete visibility into ad performance, including click-through rates, impressions, and revenue, allowing publishers to optimize ad placements for maximum income.
  • Payouts. Revcontent pays publishers on a net-30 basis, which means they are paid 30 days after the billing cycle ends.
  • Compliance. Revcontent adheres to industry standards to guarantee that advertisements are provided responsibly and ethically.

Instead of worrying whether your target audience uses ad block software, and thus they don't see your content, you can use Revcontent to get clients. It's a convenient platform with a transparent business model that enables people to offer their high-quality products to buyers.

Revcontent Registration

Revcontent registration requires users to create accounts. The process is standard. You must visit the official website and add personal information, including your email and phone number. However, many users like privacy and don't like registering via personal numbers. That's where OnlineSim can help.

OnlineSim Virtual Number For Revcontent Registration And Verification

You may use a virtual phone number instead of using your personal phone number. OnlineSim has thousands of phone numbers that you can book temporarily. Here's what you should do to get a virtual number and create a Revcontent account:

  • Sign up using your Google, Facebook (Meta), or Telegram account.
  • Enter the country code, and select the number you want to use from the list available online.
  • Pay for the selected number's rent. The service offers two package plans. The first one enables users to get the number for twenty minutes and receive one code ($0,01), and the second guarantees a 24-hour rent with unlimited codes ($3).
  • Copy and paste the number into the applicable area when creating a Revcontent account.
  • Get the verification code and use it to verify Revcontent's account.

That's it! OnlineSim offers some of the most cost-effective services. If you need to verify one account, use the number for twenty minutes.