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Virtual Number Extension

  • Mar 13, 2018, 3:02 PM
  • 2 minutes

The article is relevant for June 2019. Reading time - 3 minutes.

Extension of the number is the maintenance of the "life" number so that the client can order it again for receiving SMS during the entire renewal period.

Any mobile number is issued by the operator again, if it does not use paid services - outgoing calls, SMS, etc. On the part of the numbers provided by our service, it is possible to automatically perform paid actions, thereby prolonging the period of validity (life) of the number.


To order a room with the possibility of renewal, you must select the option "Repeat SMS" in the settings in the settings:

The issued number will have a life of 30 days, and it can also be renewed every month.

The function is called “SMS replay”, since such numbers can be reordered for 30 days (and longer when renewed) to receive SMS for free.


After purchase, virtual numbers are entered in the table in the section “Renewal of the number”.

The table contains information about the “Auto-renewal” option, the number of days the number is working.

Manage auto-renewal in the column of the same name: just click "Enable" / "Disable", and the extension to this virtual number will be set / disabled.

Attention! These numbers are sold initially for 30 days - this time we guarantee that the number will work. When extending for a longer period, we cannot guarantee the work of the number (on average, the numbers work 6 months), but we will refund the funds for the last extended month if the number stops working.


The price of extension of 1 number for 30 days is 86 cents.

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