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Virtual phone number for verification Nicovideo | Onlinesim

  • Mar 24, 2023, 3:26 PM
  • 4 minutes

Nicovideo is a Japanese platform that has a massive collection of videos. The catalog contains various anime, reviews of popular games, and blogs of exciting personalities and famous people. It is an excellent platform for all fans of Japanese art. Users of the Nicovideo jp community can include their favorite romantic stories, mystery movies, detective stories, or thrillers. Or you can turn on the live stream of a user playing a new game and see a review of a restaurant or store review.

Features of NicoVideoThe Nicovideo service is entirely in Japanese. To understand all the features, you should use automatic translation. Thanks to this, you will not have questions about how to watch videos on Nicovideo. You just need to select a video and click on the play button. Content from the live section is included automatically. Therefore, do not be distracted from viewing important moments if you do not want to miss them. Some users save live broadcasts, allowing you to watch the video conveniently for the viewer.

A simple interface allows you to understand all the platform's features quickly. It is worth remembering that free Nicovideo is aimed at the Japanese audience. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills and enjoy your favorite movies with original voice acting.

Nicovideo is considered the best service for watching content. The portal is different:

  • a massive selection of content;
  • the ability to choose a voice-over studio;
  • regular updating of the library;
  • intuitive controls.

Do not think that there is only anime on the platform. Nicovideo broadcasts live and allow users to post their content. It is a real find for all fans of Japanese culture.

On Nicovideo jp you can find reviews of popular games, blogs of interesting people, and training videos. It is a great platform to showcase yourself and your talents. It is also worth noting that Nicovideo is an ideal option for having a good time. A considerable number of thematic videos for every taste will be great entertainment.

The main feature of the service is that all users can watch the video. But to access the description and title of the video, you need a Nicovideo account. Registered users can post comments and hashtags. It allows you to increase the channel's popularity and bring it to the start page.

How to Register on Nicovideo

To get access to all the platform's functions, you need to create an account. First, you need to install VPN and select Japan. This will significantly simplify the registration process on the portal. Then you need:

  • go to the registration form;
  • specify email;
  • confirm account creation.

The service sends all new users a letter that needs to be confirmed. Then you need to complete the registration process. You need to create a Nicovideo password and fill in all the contact information.

It is worth following the Nicovideo registration tutorial to spend a minimum of time creating an account. You can review the procedure on the video hosting website or a mobile application. You must download Nicovideo and fill in all the fields for the second option. The app is available for iPhones and Android phones.

The mobile version allows you to enjoy your favorite videos anywhere. The main thing is that you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

Registration on the Nicovideo Platform Using a Virtual Phone Number

To access the content on the portal, you need to fill in the Nicovideo account info. Leaving a personal phone number is dangerous enough. First, there is a risk of hacking the database, and the number will get to the scammers. Plus, likely, notifications with mailing lists, promotions, and advertising will constantly come to the phone, which is also not very pleasant. But still, without a phone number, you will not be able to complete the registration.

Use a virtual sim card to complete the account creation. An Online SIM provider is a great assistant for registering for the service. You need:

  • choose numbers
  • specify service
  • pay for the virtual number.

To successfully create a Nicovideo account login, you should select Japan as the country of registration of the number. Thanks to this, you will be able to complete the registration process and get access to all the content that is on the site.

You can create a personal account on any portal using a virtual number. Online sim works in any country in the world. You can use the number not only to receive SMS but also to always stay in touch. To register a number, you do not need to provide personal data and enter into a contract with a provider. In addition, buying a virtual SIM card will cost several times cheaper than issuing a standard mobile number.