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What are spam calls? How to deal with them?

  • Nov 27, 2019, 8:30 AM
  • 3 minutes

Each of us periodically encounters unwanted calls, both to landline phones (this is especially unpleasant when the number is working - they distract from work) and to mobile phones. At the same time, “wrong number” is not the most annoying option.

What is telephone spam?

Often spam calls, you can call them that, are associated with an attempt to promote goods and services. At the same time, callers are not particularly encrypted and directly declare that they bought a base with phones. Thinking about what spam calls are, try putting yourself in the shoes of a person on the “other end of the wire”.

His task is to offer a product or service to the maximum number of people, so he mechanically or even through "bots" calls all numbers in a row. If some subscriber does not answer him, then with a high degree of probability he will not return to him.

Thus, this concept should be understood as certain actions aimed at promoting goods and services without any binding to a specific consumer - mass mailing of information through communication tools.

Security methods

It is clear that advertising is beneficial to those who promote it. But we, ordinary people, want to remove these intrusive calls from our daily lives. But how to deal with them? In practice, the following most effective blocking methods can be advised:

  • Blacklist a specific number. If advertisers like to call you and offer something from the same number, just add it to the black list, block it. With a high degree of probability they will leave you behind, because there are still other subscribers. Who wants to look for ways to solve a complex problem, when you can just take the next number from the list?
  • If you got a call and dropped, do not rush to call back yourself. There are Internet services that allow you to check the phone number. They will not always say that they are spammers, but such a possibility exists. It is clear that it is difficult to use the Internet service at the time of the call, but it will do just the best for dialing the number back.
  • You can, and sometimes need, download special software. The most popular of these is Who's Calling. Download it and install is not difficult, as well as deal with the functionality. Another similar application, but already for Android, is Yandex with Alice. The principle of operation is the same: there is a base with numbers where there are real reviews of people.
  • Use of directories of organizations, as an option, based on 2GIS. In the vast majority of cases, organizations engage in spam - banks, firms, workshops, and so on. If you see where the call is coming from, it will be easier to make a decision about whether to answer.
  • Knowing the nature of such spam calls (they start when your number is most often displayed on the network), it is worth considering the option when you use a replacement virtual number, leaving it everywhere and registering everywhere for it. Thus, your real number never gets to the attackers.

Of course, even using these methods, it will not be possible to provide complete protection to the end. But the intensity of unwanted calls will decrease significantly.

But most importantly, take care of your nerves and take such calls philosophically, and preferably with humor.