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What is a virtual number?

  • Nov 4, 2019, 3:31 AM
  • 3 minutes

Phone numbers are often used by owners of various Internet resources to identify their visitors. This is necessary to prevent unlawful actions, as well as to monitor the activities of individual accounts.

But far from always, a person wants to provide his real data to the same social networks. And security concerns are far from vain. How many times has information appeared in the media that personal data of users of social networks were stolen by hackers. For what purposes do they then use them?

In this situation, there is a very attractive universal solution that allows you to fully maintain your privacy. This, of course, is about virtual phone numbers.

There is no doubt that most people have heard about this phenomenon, but the majority does not fully understand how it works, and, most importantly, why they are needed at all. Let's try to figure this out.

A virtual number is a combination of numbers that is registered and is tied to a cloud PBX. The latter, by the way, also provides services for providing telephones to subscribers.

Where is the virtual telephone used?

By their capabilities in terms of information transfer, virtual systems are in no way inferior to the landline and mobile phones that we are used to. Therefore, the scope of their application is quite wide. It is worth mentioning the three most relevant for the residents of our country.

  • Short-term use of the number (usually it is rented, not even bought) for registration on a variety of Internet platforms - in social networks, chat rooms and forums, online stores, news resources, and so on. Often I don’t really want to leave my number in order to avoid information leakage or establish a genuine user. A virtual mobile phone is an ideal solution, registered, received SMS, and forgot about the existence of such a subscriber. Short-term rent is a popular service in modern society.
  • If you need to create a large number of accounts, you can and even need to use quite a few virtual numbers. The most important thing in this situation is that getting them is much easier than real ones. Creating accounts, you simply indicate a new virtual phone number, receive an SMS message, enter it in the appropriate form and, ultimately, get a unique user.
  • For doing business in many situations, a virtual number is preferable to a real one. This is explained by a number of advantages, which we will discuss below.

Benefits of virtual PBXs and numbers

  • Extremely low cost, both within the country and when making international calls. This is especially true when we talk about corporate communications in organizations with a large coverage of territories, for example, logistics companies. Economic feasibility will be palpable from the first month of operation.
  • An elementary connection that any user will cope with, even not the most experienced and trained in this field. All that is required is a device with Internet access and special software.
  • There is no reference to a specific office, apartment, house, place in general. In any city, anywhere in the world, you can always use your number.
  • There is the possibility of choosing a number not only by region, but in some cases by country. Let's say you can be in Vladivostok, and the prefix of the phone number will be Moscow. In fact, in this way a businessman can significantly increase the image and reputation of his company.

Thus, if you are interested in a service such as virtual telephone exchanges or individual virtual numbers, you can go to our page with virtual numbers.