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Jun 10 10:47:41, 2021

Why you should use Lyft via SMS online | Onlinesim.io

Lyft is a mobile app that allows you to hire cars, scooters, bicycles, etc.; its headquarters are located in San Francisco. The company operates in about 700 American cities and several ones in Canada. With nearly 30% market share, this is one of the most extensive ride-sharing services in the USA, second only to Uber.

All the interactions with the service are done via mobile app. You need to create a personal profile, add a name, phone number, and other data; the request payment method should also be selected via a credit card or any other way. Cash is also available.

There's an option of tips given to the Lyft drivers, which is added to the customer's payment method. Drivers provide their vehicle, and they could own it themselves or rent.

There's a list of requirements they need to meet, like age, health condition, and requirements related to cars, such as their age and kind. Needless to say that a driver must have a driver's license and a mobile device. There's an option of checking the background of a would-be Lyft driver before you'll be able to nail a job interview.

As a rule, many US cities require vehicle owners to get their annual safety inspection, with the sign of assessment placed in the car's window. So if you'd like to join Lyft as a driver, you might also be needing a business license. This is an indispensable requirement in some cities.

Don't want to read? Here is a video for you:

How to use Lyft with SMS online

Many users ask the question of whether they can or cannot request Lyft without a phone? What happens when you forget your smartphone or your battery is dried out. You can definitely use Lyft login without phone with such options as burner smartphones or virtual phone numbers.

You can use Lyft from any browser, with the bit exception of some particular driver's services. However, all the standard options are available via this means. It's almost like in the app, with the only difference being manually verified phone numbers and making a payment via browser.

When a Lyft account is connected to the smartphone number, the user can request login after typing it. If your account is not associated with the number, you will have to use SMS to get a Lyft verification code.

  • First, navigate to the official website of Lyft, is ride.lyft.com, type the website address in your browser.
  • Second, type your phone number. After that, you'll see the SMS code in your request text message.
  • Third, copy the code to the Lyft website.
  • After that, make changes in settings.

However, you don't necessarily have to use your personal phone number. Frequently, online companies sell their users' data to third-party companies, which in turn use them to set up targeted ads. And then launch ad campaigns targeting those users and heavily investing in their ad budgets.

As a result, unassuming people end up bombarded with laser-precision ads based on their interests, income level, household type, marital status, type of employment, and other requests for personal information. For when you do something on the interment, you should forget about having 100% privacy.

The advantages of using Lyft paired up with a virtual phone

But as always, there's a way out. Don't use your smartphone, nor try to share any other valuable information on the web. Register on Lyft via SMS online. Providers of this service allow its users to register on any online website or mobile app through their virtual phones.

You can use them as if they were your personal smartphone number, but in doing so, you don't register at the risk of compromising your data and privacy so as not to get bombarded by tons of targeted ads.

OnlineSIM service

The OnlineSIM website offers an option of privately registering on any given website or mobile app, including Lyft.

Just create your account on OnlineSIM. In doing so, you don't even have to confirm your email address. Type any email, and that's it. Your request account is ready to use. Select a service in your OnlineSIM account and copy the displayed number to the Lyft website.

Wait for your text message to appear in your account. After that, copy the confirmation number to Lyft, and that's all. It's as simple as it sounds.

The OnlineSIM website uses proprietary software and hardware with SMS cards to get text messages from mobile carriers from all over the world. The company provides 10K phone numbers from over 30K request countries, including American phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers of OnlineSIM allow you to register on Facebook, Instagram, and other web services, including messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Twitter, Uber, and dating apps like Tinder. Of course, if the Lyft verification code is not working, you can always request another one.

OnlineSIM offers one-off numbers for quick registration. In addition, there's a sidebar on the OnlineSIM website with free-to-use numbers. They're also long-term numbers when you need to get an unlimited number of text messages from a total number of websites.

In this way, you save your money since you don't have to buy another SIM card and pay for an expensive service plan of a mobile carrier.