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YouTube account: how to create and verify without phone number | Onlinesim

  • May 12, 2023, 5:30 PM
  • 4 minutes

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. YouTube has become one of the most popular websites in the world, with billions of users and videos uploaded to the site.

With YouTube, you can create and customize channels, subscribe to other users' channels, create and upload videos, view and comment on other users' videos, and share videos on social media and other websites. YouTube also offers a variety of tools for creators, including analytics and monetization options.

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Let's understand how YouTube works, how to sign up for it in the best way with a virtual phone number, and the benefits of using it.

YouTube benefits

YouTube has many benefits for both viewers and content creators. Some of them include:

  • Access to a vast range of content. 
  • Free to use. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Cross-device compatibility. 
  • Personalization. 
  • Reach a global audience. 
  • Monetization. 
  • Analytics. 
  • Community building. 
  • Creative freedom. 

How to make YouTube account

Here's how to make a YouTube account:

  1. Go to YouTube (you can use a website or app).
  2. Click on the "Sign In" button.
  3. Click on the "Create Account" button.
  4. Enter your first and last name in the appropriate fields.
  5. Choose an email address and password to use for your account. You can either use an existing email address or create a new one specifically for your YouTube account.
  6. Enter your birthday and gender in the appropriate fields.
  7. Click on the "Next" button.
  8. You will be prompted to verify your account via text message or phone call. Choose your preferred method and enter the verification code when prompted.
  9. Once your account is verified, you can customize your profile and start using YouTube.

If you do not want to provide your personal phone number to YouTube for verification, you can use a virtual phone number service, such as OnlineSim, to receive a temporary phone number for the verification process. Simply sign up for a virtual phone number service and use the provided phone number during the YouTube verification phone number process.

Why does YouTube ask for your phone number?

YouTube asks for your phone number for account verification and security purposes. Verifying your phone number helps to ensure that you are a real person and not a bot, and it also adds an extra layer of security to your account.

Providing a phone number allows YouTube to send you important notifications, such as password reset codes or account security alerts, via text message. It is important to note that providing your phone number is optional, but it can help to protect your account and keep it secure.

How to verify your YouTube account

To verify your YouTube account To verify your account, you need to log into your Google account from any device. Next, you need to complete all the items from the list::

  • Open the YouTube verify page
  • verify phone number youtube
  • Enter your phone number. If you do not want to use a personal number for verification, we recommend using a virtual number for SMS
  • verify youtube account
  • Enter your 6-digit verification code from SMS
  • If you did everything correctly, you will see the following message
  • phone number is now verified
  • Congratulations, you have successfully verified your phone number for YouTube.

How to verify your YouTube account without a phone number?

Here's how to create a YouTube account using a virtual phone number from OnlineSim:

  1. Go to the YouTube website and click on the "Sign In" button.
  2. Click on the "Create Account" button.
  3. Enter your first and last name in the appropriate fields.
  4. Enter your desired email address in the appropriate field. If you want to use a virtual phone number, you can obtain one from an online service such as OnlineSim.
  5. Enter your preferred password in the appropriate field.
  6. Enter your birthday and gender in the appropriate fields.
  7. Click on the "Next" button.
  8. Enter the verification code that is sent to your virtual phone number or Google Voice number in the appropriate field.
  9. Click on the "Verify" button. You bypass YouTube login process.
  10. Once your account is verified, you can begin using your verify YouTube account.

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