Oct 11, 2021

Zalo messenger. Virtual number as an optimal way | Onlinesim

Zalo is getting increasingly popular these days, not least because of its video and voice calling capabilities beyond plain instant messaging.

Zalo messenger, its core functions, and distinguishing features

If you'd like to register a Zalo account, well, it's a no-brainer. You have several options to do it. You can create an account on your computer, on your phone, or via a web browser. All these methods are quick and easy.

After you've registered on Zalo, the chat feature and the content in it will be synchronized on all the platforms you use the service. In this way, your account will be easily accessed on any device.

We've tried gathering all the available info on how to create a Zalo account on PC for these instructions. As mentioned before, if you don't want to make your Zalo account on the laptop app, you can opt for registration on your smartphone.

We'll tell you how to use Zalo Web in the current article, and you won't even have to install any software.

You'll get instructions as to how to install Zalo, log in to your account on your laptop, as well as how to set your security key. And one more thing, you'll know about creating chat groups which is a secret sauce of the app.

Creating an account on Zalo using the app

First, let's move on to the registration process. Download the latest version of the Zalo app and then go to the registration page.

First of all, you'll need to install the Zalo app for Windows OS or Mac OS. The latter is the option. If you use a MacBook laptop or iPad, there should be a specific version for tablets. Well, either way.

After that, open the Zalo app and the page on which you'll need to register. On the first screen, you need to type your personal phone number. That's the mandatory thing for registration on Zalo. Click the Register button when you're done.

The next step is to confirm your phone number. Click the Confirm button after doing so.

And the last but not the minor step is getting your phone confirmed by Zalo. The instant messaging service will send you a confirmation code. Copy that number on the registration page on Zalo and click Confirm. In case you haven't received the code, use the Resend option.

How to choose your name on Zalo

  • First, you need to go to the Zalo website and click Register.
  • The next step is switching to the new page, type your personal phone number to create an account. Here you'll need a confirmation code as well.
  • And another step assumes copying the confirmation code you've received on your personal phone number. After that, you'll have to type the nickname you want to use on this service, set your gender, as well as the date of birth; at the end, click Register, and you're done creating your nickname on Zalo.

Registering Zalo using an emulator

If you use an Android emulator on your laptop, you first have to install your Zalo app. Agree to the terms and conditions to use Zalo services.

  1. On the Zalo page with features such as calling video on Zalo, click the Next button to skip it. On the main page, select the Register button; you'll create your Zalo account by clicking it.
  2. The next step is choosing your name on this messaging platform. After doing so, click Continue.
  3. Use your number to create an account on this platform. As usual, you'll have to use a confirmation phone number in SMS with code.

As you can see, creating a Zalo online account on various laptops or smartphones is a no-brainer. It would be best not to share your text verification codes with other people without losing control of your instant messaging app.

Privacy question as far as Zalo goes. The risks involved in using a personal phone number

Advertising companies often buy user data from social media platforms or messaging apps. They use it to set extremely accurate targeted ads to bombard their user audiences with unsolicited offerings. Probably anyone has ever run into this thing when various ads are popped up on their mobile screen.

When you type something on Google, you might see the product you've recently searched for on some other website or service like YouTube.

Privacy is a prime concern for everyone, and when using instant messaging apps, you have to register via your personal phone number. However, you don't necessarily need to do it when you've got online SMS services. These services allow you to get your virtual phone number registered.

OnlineSIM is an alternative to using a personal phone number for registration

OnlineSIM is a provider that offers free virtual phone numbers from all over the globe. These are the actual numbers of mobile carriers from 30 countries. The total pool of virtual phone numbers exceeds 10K.

Suppose you need to create another Zalo account by code. First, go to your account on the OnlineSIM website. If you don't have an account there as yet, register it by code. You won't even have to confirm your email. Just enter your email address and some strong virtual password.

On your account page, select the service you need to register at. Then copy the phone number code to the registration page. After doing so, type the confirmation number you've received in the account on OnlineSIM. And that's it. You've got your account on Zalo registered by virtual code. It's a straightforward thing that protects your privacy.

OnlineSIM virtual phone confirmation service allows you to register on such sites as Twitter, SEOsprint, Steam, Uber, Gett, Microsoft, or even Tinder by using free SMS verification codes. You can access Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, or even Facebook and Instagram without compromising your precious privacy code.

Temporary virtual phone numbers could be used to receive personal messages and keep your anonymity unscathed. By the way, you won't have to buy another SIM card and pay for an expansive annual plan to get a second phone number.