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Connecting your software to our SMS service |

  • Jul 8, 2020, 4:20 PM
  • 4 minutes

Onlinesim is ready to cooperate with software developers. We are interested in online SMS send software. If you have SMS verification API, then we can start a fruitful cooperation. You need a complete soft product that accepts SMS messages. Our customers need fake SIM for registration in social networks, messengers, and various online resources. They need to send SMS. Almost all websites require this SMS option. So your application can help them to send SMS fast.

Your online sms receiver will help automate it. For our part, we guarantee you a stable percentage of the services provided. Now let's check the benefits of working with our SMS message website.

Main advantages for SMS software owners

Our SMS company is open for cooperation with everyone who has soft for send text message fake number. We are ready to pay 5% of each user's spent funds who need to send SMS online. For you, this is passive income on the SMS market. Another plus is the percentage of SMS profit. We do not set a fixed amount, because our text receiver service can bring you much more money. Many of our customers use SMS.

For you, this is an opportunity to get part of the SMS message team without making significant efforts. We value intellectual property and are ready for long-term cooperation. Another advantage is the ease of connecting to our SMS website to earn on people who send SMS online. We oversee all processes, and you can connect today to send message online website. Get additional SMS advertising.

Step by step guide – how to register at SMS message website

To connect to the cooperation SMS platform, you need to register on the site. Complete a few basic steps:

  1. Come up with a username, password and specify an email to receive text message;
  2. As an alternative, there is verification using social networks;
  3. You should agree and accept the Offer Agreement, and the Personal Data Policy

After registration, you need to go to your account. The top right corner displays your avatar and nickname. Click on it with the left mouse button. You will see your User ID on our online SMS service. It will come in handy later on.

Next, you need to contact our SMS support team to receive instructions. To do this, you can use profiles on social networks and instant messengers to send your text. You can also write to email or with a proposal for cooperation. Indicate your User ID, the name of your SMS application, and write a short description. It will let us know more about you before you start earning on every online SMS message.

After we process and accept your SMS application, you can see the "withdrawal of funds" button. It means that you are officially in the game and will be able to earn money on SMS. Your message receiver will be on the list.

Go to the getNum section on the API tab. Compile the API correctly so that we can assign you user numbers. Here is an example request: /api/getNum.php?apikey=key&service=VKcom&dev_id=userid.

  • You need to remember three things to earn on every SMS message online:
  • Key is the API key that can be seen in your profile;
  • VKcom is a conditional name. Indicate the real name of your soft;
  • The userid - your ID, which is displayed at the top right when clicking on a nickname.

That's how to connect software and receive new profit. Now, it is done. Now you can use the SMS Withdrawals tab to control the amount of money you earn and the total amount that customers spend. It will allow you to keep future earnings on send SMS.

Long term SMS cooperation

We expect all our future partners to work with us for years. Users need to send message online, and your soft will be an excellent base for this. As soon as SMS clients register on one of the sites, your utilities will send online message to complete the verification. Thanks to automation, the SMS message will arrive regularly, and all parties will get income. The more people send message online, the more profitable our cooperation. We regularly conduct online promotions.

The ability to send message online is a great option for our customers. With the help of your software product, they will receive SMS verification and receive sms online with the code on the site. Your earnings will grow because people need to send SMS. Our customers often send online message and use a huge number of websites for SMS registration. Each SMS message will bring you a steady online income.