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Software for working with our site |

  • Jul 8, 2020, 4:34 PM
  • 5 minutes

Onlinesim is ready to cooperate with all potential partners who have the equipment and related software. Connection to our websites is possible with the step-by-step support of our managers. You only need to prepare for this stage. We understand how important it is to choose the right software to automate most of the functions for receiving text messages.

This is a key aspect if you want to work with us. Without the appropriate multifunctional products, it will be difficult. But don't worry. We will tell you how to make a choice. Our partners have to receive text messages online. Let's figure out what SMS soft is, how to use it, and make money on it with us.

What is SMS software, and how to use it?

These are utilities for synchronization with our phone number verification websites. They allow you to receive SMS messages. Such apps are used for mass registration of accounts and other automated actions. For example, you can use this for Instagram to verify the account phone number.

The fact is that manual SMS registration of many profiles on sites takes a huge number of numbers. Plus, you have to endlessly rearrange SIM cards on your phone. Such apps provide several advantages:

  • Full message automation;
  • Simultaneous registration of hundreds of accounts;
  • The ability to quickly SMS receive now;
  • The low number of bans by masked numbers.

The main advantage of such apps is that you can register accounts using physical SIM cards. You can choose the intervals between text SMS message requests and registration on sites. Such software works great with GoIP gateways and helps to pass instant verification. Also, such apps help to filter registration numbers.

It allows you to automatically filter mask numbers and exclude SIM cards that are under the filter of certain websites. Another plus of this software is that it has separate sections for SMS activation, where you can set your message parameters. For example, the user can set the time for issuing the number and code from text SMS.

We recommend choosing the type of SMS utilities that have convenient functionality and allow you to quickly access the main options. This is a key aspect of working with our SMS message website.

Main differences

The main differences of such text SMS utilities are in the general functionality, the number of different settings, and support for websites. Some applications can receive text SMS from several sites at the same time. Some text utilities are designed for a separate social network or website. Here are some examples of similar message products:

  • VkAccountsManager for VKcom;
  • OkAccountsManager for website;
  • InstAccountsManager (Instagram register account);
  • Avi-Tool for automatic posting;
  • SocialKit;

This is just a small list of the most popular software products that are popular on the web. All of them can be used to work with Onlinesim. Another difference between such text utilities is the price. When using many SIM cards for registration, you have to buy a paid subscription. Some utilities support automatic posting, automation for traffic arbitration, browser work, and functional Telegram autoregs with an SMS message.

The API key for work is located in the Profile settings. With it, you can automate the process of working with text messages. Here are more SMS message programs that have full integration with our service:

  • SMMCombain;
  • ZennoPoster;
  • Staf4 Registrator;
  • Mospanoff;
  • TeleREG.

The price can start from 3 to 20 dollars or more. It all depends on the functionality and popularity of the brand. Paid versions contain SMS proxies for securely sending account registration requests.

SMS soft helps automate news publications, likes, reposts on social networks, and instant messengers. You can adjust the number of the SMS message and select country numbers. All rejected numbers can be skipped. Each user can control the pauses between requests. Each type of message apps has its own number of supported ports. Some websites support automatic text captcha checking and automatically save options.

Some software products like VkAccountsManager are able to loop actions and restart tasks for specific actions like registration. Set SMS limits, pauses, and specific macros to organize individual actions. Of course, not all the functions of these websites are compatible with our site. Nevertheless, they will be useful to many of our partners in work and everyday automation.

How to use such software with Onlinesim?

Our websites can help in setting up this soft during the collaboration. If you decide to make money on numbers and text SMS messages, then we will help you configure the API. Your software will process all SMS requests and send them to our website. It is also possible that text messages come to you, and we receive a redirected code to register users on sites and platforms.

In fact, we help you synchronize the work of your soft and equipment for receiving SMS text messages and sending them to our website. When customers want to use our websites, they select virtual sim online from your list and a website for verification. Your SMS message soft sends massive requests to sites. Verification codes come to us through your apps. Thanks for setting up the API, this is not a problem.

We can automate the reception of requests for SMS registration. All technical aspects are easy to configure with the help of our managers. You can also read our SMS FAQ for detailed information and additional features. This may come in handy when working with us. We are also always ready to help you build various aspects of the utilities so that you do not have any difficulties with an SMS message.

Such multifunctional utilities can send text messages and redirect registration data to our websites in bulk. This is convenient because you do not need to make the extra effort. Most tasks are fully automated.

The SMS message is important for the convenience of our users. Properly configured APIs and a fully automated process will help you get the maximum benefit from the efficient reception of SMS messages. We know how to simplify all the working aspects, so SMS messages will arrive on our website on time.